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Vaccines Cause Autism, ADD/ADHD & Brain Damage – Dr. Kenneth P. Stoller, MD

Autism is a misnomer. For the most part, there
is no autism. If you look at the definition in DSM-4—that’s the psychiatric diagnostic
manual—for the definition of autism, you’ll see that a medical problem running concurrent
with the symptoms of autism makes that situation a non-autism situation. So autism—poor social
interactions, obsessions, poor social skills, lack of eye contact, lack of speech—these
things are the symptoms of autism, but if there is a co-morbid symptom that’s running
along with it, a medical problem, then by definition, literally, that’s not autism
anymore. Most of the children that have been diagnosed with autism never receive any kind
of medical workup, but those that do show all sorts of metabolic and toxicity problems.
These medical problems include compromised immune systems, inability to detoxify, and
nutritional deficiencies. So by definition, literally, they don’t have autism. The use
of the word “autism” has been keeping affected children from getting treated for
this environmentally triggered medical problem. Actually, a medically exacerbated environmental
medical problem. Conventional medicine has a very limited approach to treating autism,
focusing primarily on identification, speech therapy, and maybe a little ABA. Children
on this spectrum who are higher-functioning, such as those with ADD, OCD, and a host of
learning disabilities, have the same medical problems that their more severely affected
peers have, but never get any kind of intervention. And there’s nothing wrong with ABA therapy,
but you can’t give this kind of behavioral therapy to a child with inflammation in their
intestines who’s suffering from severe pain and expect them to get better. So as cynical
as it sounds, conventional medicine has very little to offer children on this spectrum,
except to see a speech therapist and have a nice life. But the caveat that they do have
psychoactive drugs to offer these children, and 70 percent of children who have autism
are put on psychoactive drugs, despite the fact there’s little to no scientific evidence
that these drugs will assist them. There is some evidence that drugs such as Risperdal
and Abilify will help children with repetitive behaviors, but at what cost? Because they
can cause serious side effects, such as muscle tremors and breast growth in boys and weight
gain. There is a striking disparity between the number of children who are being drugged
who have autism and the strength of the scientific evidence supporting the use of those drugs.
The popularity of drugging children with autism is easy to explain. Conventional medicine
has nothing else to offer. Pharma controls the minds of those in the medical community,
and the medical community prescribes what pharma has on the shelves for them to prescribe.
Since pharma plays a role and continues to play a role in the causation of the autism
epidemic, they have done nothing to help facilitate appropriate treatment. Pharma is still causing
autism to break out all over the world because one of the key triggers is the heavy metal
exposure that children receive from vaccinations, specifically mercury. And the vaccines that
are exported to third world countries have the full complement of the mercury-laden preservative
thimerosal in those vaccines. No one holds pharma accountable for what they put in vaccines
or verifies what they put in vaccines, and they have complete immunity for whatever happens
to those who receive those vaccines. Some of the ingredients that we know are in vaccines
are heavy metals, aluminum, mercury, MSG, and aborted fetal tissue, chopped up cancer
cells. But some of the things that are not on the label include reverse transcriptase
and retroviruses that are known to cause cancer in animals. So what ends up happening, if
you happen to be unlucky is the DNA from those retroviruses get written into your own DNA
by the reverse transcriptase. The Supreme Court’s recent opinion said that vaccines
are inherently dangerous. Unfortunately, they also ruled that vaccine-injured people cannot
seek compensation for their injuries through the legal system. In a recent article in the
Journal of Immunotoxicology entitled “Theoretical Aspects of Autism,” a retired senior scientist
in the pharmaceutical industry Helen Ratajczak, did something that no one has ever done before.
She reviewed the entirety of the medical literature on autism going back to 1943. She found in
her research that there wasn’t just one theory that the MMR or thimerosal caused autism.
She found that all the theories suggested that they cause autism. Prevailing medical
opinion scientifically links vaccines to encephalopathy or brain damage, but not scientifically to
autism. And that is because it serves certain factions to hide the fact that autism is an
encephalopathy. Let me be blunt about this because this is not just my medical opinion,
but the formerly secret transcripts of the illegally held secret Simpson-Wood meeting
that took place between the CDC and representatives of the pharmaceutical companies in June of
2000 showed that just 12.5 micrograms of mercury was enough to give boys ADD. 12.5 micrograms
of mercury from thimerosal is half of the thimerosal found in an adult flu vaccine.
So government officials, the Centers for Disease Control, have known for over a decade that
this toxin alone has been causing neurobehavioral disorders. Now in 1999, the American Academy
of Pediatrics and the Public Health Service called for a removal of thimerosal from vaccines.
Nothing was ever pulled off the shelf. Vaccines were never recalled, and thimerosal -laden
vaccines remained in use for several more years after that, perhaps all the way to 2004.
Those who called for the removal will say that was just a precaution, but the removal
never actually took place because flu vaccine has thimerosal in it. So does meningococcal
vaccine. Let me be blunt about this: The government, the CDC, the FDA, they have known for many
years that mercury, the preservative thimerosal has been causing neuro-developmental disorders.

Cesar Sullivan

58 thoughts on “Vaccines Cause Autism, ADD/ADHD & Brain Damage – Dr. Kenneth P. Stoller, MD

  1. @letsgetinfo You are welcome. I don't personally know of anyone. However, you can go to my website, called biomedical treatment for autism (all one word) dot com and on the right column are numerous website resources links…one of them will get you to a DAN! Doctor. Good luck!

  2. How ironic. As I'm watching this, there's an ad running in the upper right hand corner from the pharma industry for Intuniv…for ADHD treatment. UN-freakin-real!!! Thank you Dr. Stoller!

  3. Thank you for being so straight forward and brave as to make this video which I am sharing to help my calling – which is to clear and reverse Autism in others like I cleared and reversed it in myself.

  4. The US Gov't held a press conference hearing, May 10, 2011, in front of the U.S. Court of Federal Claims in which they will release a report (that will be published in law review journals) that points to a CLEAR link between autism and vaccines.

    If you think vaccines don't cause Autism, watch this video!!

  5. @MissEVitale- What's new really- governments have always been responsible for killing huge numbers of people.. Governments are powerful & criminal forces like to take control of that power.. Our forefathers warned us and set forth the ONLY real purpose for government..Once it goes beyond those necessary powers- look out!. Government will create emergencies to justify taking more power..

  6. @projectnormal Keeping in mind it is Dr. Stoller talking, and not me: What he is trying to say is that "Autism" is technically a psychiatric diagnosis with no known cause or cure. But in reality, we know the many causes, and we know that there are many medical issues that virtually all children "diagnosed" with "Autism" have. And, what Stoller is saying is that once there is a correlation to "medical problems," by definition, the "problem" is no longer "Autism." It is through this method…

  7. …That parents have been compensated for vaccine injury—by stating that it wasn't "Autism," but rather, "brain damage" in the vaccine injury courts. You'll want to find a DAN! Doctor (Defeat Autism Now) because they are integrative medical doctors who look past the "Autism" diagnosis and investigate the many medical problems common to most all children labeled "Autistic."

  8. @projectnormal I have resources on my website "Biomedical Treatment for Autism" that can help you find a dcotor who will run the correct tests, evaluate your child, and begin a process of therapy that will lead to improvement, or perhaps even recovery. Recovery does happen: watch some of my parent interviews.

  9. Would you prescribe marijuana to your patients if they were diagnosed with ADHD as a child, which is 24 years of age now? It's always helped me, since I stopped taking Ritalin & Adderal. I live in california and these new laws are starting to scare me, being a new uncle I want to know everything there is to know not only for myself but for my family.

  10. @dustinbowls420247 theres nothing wrong with marijuana but that it is possibly mental addictive. Look it up, the government lies Marijuana is healthy actually. It is less dangerous than cigarettes and alcohol. The doctor should be responsible in giving proper doses so that your child does not get mentally addicted. Many medications such as Conserta and adderal have addictions too. If marijuana might work, try it…

  11. @horang106 been smoking weed since i was 14 and off of adderal, i can actually be my own person with my own thoughts, not just some uncreative drone ready to learn. i like learning on my own, i feel i want to be my own boss not only because of my disability but because i hate people hounding me telling me how things should be just because they think it's right. im a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to making or learning on my own, otherwise in the spotlight im more than nervous.

  12. Both my sons had blood tests, and every other test available at our hospital. Autism is in my family, I fail to see how people are all "toxic" inside thus creating this illusion of autism when it runs in a family like this. Also they didn't have such toxic stuff way back yet there still was autistic people mind you it was kept quiet due to the fact some were afraid to lose there loved one if they spoke up. I think the finger pointing to vaccines and contaminants is only a easy way to try to fin

  13. @ruinedbeauty And therein is the problem: you had the tests done at a hospital, instead of by a DAN! Doctor. Usually when it "runs" in the family, you can also trace toxic exposure in that same family. That could be pesticides, mercury from fillings or a coal burning plant, toxic metals in vaccines, and other toxic issues. One thing I always point out: why is that ALL DRUGS cause "side effects" (poisoning), but somehow vaccines will not? Try a DAN! Doctor — you'll be surprised what is found.

  14. @LarryCook333 Larry, I'm very happy that you are doing this, since it's saddening what physical and psychological turmoil I have gone through, I've took Risperdal too, which gave me horrible side effects such as shaking. Now I'm 18 years old, been in a mental ward for years, and eventually developed Gut immune neurotoxic disorder….I am now in treatment for it by Dr De Meirleir, I'm on a diet now etc.. and taking vitamins etc.. Do you think I can still fully recover? Thank you.

  15. @LarryCook333 Btw, I also think I got autism because of the MMR etc. I'm now struggling against chronic fatigue, I hope you can give me some advise on how to get better, since I never knew about this so could never have a treatment for autism until in 2011, I'm 18 now, I'm now supporting you and spreading the word on public forums and people I know about vaccine dangers to anyone that wants to know (or not) and I will keep fighting to spread the word about this injustice.

  16. @JohnnyX1239 Being aware of the situation certainly makes you more capable of being properly treated, and therefore more likely to see positive results from the treatment. No one can say for sure what the outcome will be, but you will get better if you are working with a DAN! Doctor.

  17. @LarryCook333 I'm doing much better with biomedical treatment, and regained back my memory and strength since I had such problems. Thanks a lot for your reply, I heard many patients got back to work after almost being bedridden and chronic fatigued with this specialist, but he mainly treats people with CFS and ME and gastro-intestinal diseases.

  18. @JohnnyX1239 Excellent. It can be a slow process, so keep on keeping on! Fortunate are you that you understand the situation, and that you are taking the steps towards healing…this is not the case for most. Always pay attention to your diet…that is critical.

  19. Larry, do you have an idea on why much less girls than boys get autism? it's about 1 in 5, has it to do with difference in immune system, is there any explanation for this?

  20. @JohnnyX1239 I've been told it has to do with testosterone levels, and what testosterone does in relation to the body's ability to detoxify. If you Google that you may find some info on it.

  21. Hasn't people noticed that the public is being strongly encouraged to have a flu shot lately?
    Flu shot vaccine can also trigger ALS (Amyotrophic lateral Sclerosis/Lou Gehrig's disease)
    a rapidly progressive, fatal neuromuscular disease that attacks motor neurons, spinal cord, which control the voluntary muscles which gradually fail & deteriorate, leading to death within 2-5 yrs. It can strike anyone. Vaccines, carry risks, shots are no exception. be aware. It's your health, your choice.

  22. It's time we lined up all the MERCK executive for the Mercury shots. They really should lead by example. I want to see these people receive the very shots they claim we all need. They shall be injected with off-the-shelf vaccines by an independent Doctor. You know they won't do it, and why do you think that is?

  23. is he saying people with a.d.d. and autism should be tested for heavy metal poisoning then? i hope my family doctor agrees to have this done, the last doctor i went to said no.

  24. Yes, especially for Autism. ADD/ADHD, not so much, but still worth the test. Find a DAN! Doctor to do the test (Defeat Autism Now Doctor). You can learn more at my website Biomedical Treatment For Autism.

  25. One of the videos I watched said that boys seem to hold mercury longer or not get detoxified as well as girls do. I have no idea why or which video I watched that said that but, that may have something to do with it.

  26. I know a mother of an NME damaged person..said her son was a jolly kid full of life then 18 months old he had the 3 needles together..blew his brains! His features changed, can't talk just makes noise , can't clothe himself he justs eats drinks walk run , fully brain damaged 43 years old …his mom still heartbroken

  27. Well, they do that so more children can become autistic, hence more jobs for psychologist to study and investigate.Also more jobs for Doctors specializing in autism. With more autism, more medicine to sell, more doctor visits, more money for doctors to keep the economy flowing. Then there is therapy and so many more other jobs that aid or help autism. More autism = more jobs.

  28. Thanks for posting this, my daughter in law is pregnant with my first grandchild and I'm scared to death about the possible damages that will come with vaccines. Most Dr. are pushing them big time and there are more shots every year. Very scary stuff!

  29. I have a question . the people that say thier kids are affected byt theese vaccines , are they having the child get all vaccines at one ? my son is 6 months old , nd he has shots tomorrow. I am so scared to death now . What if we dont give our kids the shots , what about the shot list to go to school ? my son has been getting 3 shots a month since he has been born . VERY SCARY !!! I am in california by the way

  30. I told my doc I wanted to wait a few months before doing the vaccinations, rather than say I just didn't want to do it at all. They didn't pressure me so badly then. We shoudln't have to be afraid to show that we are skeptical and want to be informed before making any decisions, but unfortunately the emotional pressure/guilt trips/intimidation are still there. Just remember that you are being a good parent by needing to wait and be informed before making any decisions.

  31. They pressured me into doing vaccines . I almos fainted severally minutes after they injected me with it and it burned when entering my veins. I have a tolerance for needles so it wasn't the shot, period, that caused me to get an extremely bad headrush . Ever since I got this vaccine years ago to that day I've developed functional dyspepsia and other problems

  32. Hi Larrycook, I took the swine flu vaccine and a certain phrase in this video really scared me

    "So what ends up happening, if you happen to be unlucky is the DNA from those retroviruses get written into your own DNA by the reverse transcriptase."

    Do you think that EVERY one vaccine you take means you play Russion roullette with your body like the retroviruses and reverse transcriptase in your DNA? Also what are symptoms of this?

    I believe vaccines will be known in history as a failure.

  33. For a best web site on autism- causes & cures: fourteenstudies. org/index.html

    Site reviews studies that contend vax do not cause autism. Those studies R ALL rife with conflicts of interest- authors with chutzpah to be on Big Pharmakeia's payroll while pretending to be watch dog protecting people's interests!

    Also studies that support that vax do cause autism & other disorders.

    In searching 4 truth in conspiracies- follow the $- ask who profits?

    Bottom line- NO vax EVER safe or effective!

  34. Something is not right. How do you have a healthy normal baby and then they get vaccines and they can no longer speak or show expressions. Is it illegal not to vaccinate children? I just can not imagine exposing my child to this once I become a mother.

  35. Yoyomadre1: Doctors try to bully parents into vaccinating and may even lie and say they are required, but it is not illegal to decline them. Nearly every state has exemptions forms so you don't need to vaccinate for school. There are links to websites with exemption info here:
    vaccine-injury dot info/links.cfm (replace " dot " with a dot)

  36. I see Vietnam has halted Hep B vax after it killed 3 more newborns 8/2013. When is the whole world going to see vax for what they are- dangerous poison shots that prevent nothing but optimum health. Took the world 2,000 years to halt practice of 'blood letting.' Maybe in another 1,800 years if the world is not all destroyed by auto-immune. Vax are an assault on the precious God given immune system. Atheist Medical Mafia wants us all to believe they can improve on God. NO WAY!

  37. Hey, I have high functioning autism but I have never had any medical problems that were described by this video. Now I actually agree with most of what this video said, I myself have recieved many vacinations and I think their might be a connection. Can I still have some of the mentioned conditions even though none of my previous medical checkups showed anything?

  38. i do agree with what he is saying,but there are many ways ADHD can occur,one of the key things that cause adhd is drugs as well as vaccines,the more pharmaceutical companies trying to sell drugs in any society,the more drugs you have in society,the more people dependant on drugs,the legalising of marijuana etc etc,aspartame and fluoride,and other chemical,the higher the increase of children born with Brain problems,how many women out there take Anti-depressants during pregnancy?,every one says its this and that,i am telling you, if every one is taking one drug or another,and those drugs are affecting the mind and the reproductive systems,inbred people can be seen as ADHD,but that's only because they are inbred,but all these drugs,out there,are not good for the society,they did it on purpose,i think.

  39. MMR vaccine and its connection to autism

    THANK YOU to all those who have given warning on this issue – BEFORE the
    On August 27, 2014, William Thompson (CDC) admitted he had omitted vital data from a 2004 study on the MMR vaccine and its connection to autism.
    Thompson’s official statement was released through his Cincinnati attorney, Rick Morgan.
    Part of Thompson’s statement are:
    “I regret that my coauthors and I omitted statistically significant information in our 2004 article published in the journal Pediatrics. The omitted data suggested that African American males who received the MMR vaccine before age 36 months were at increased risk for autism. Decisions were made regarding which findings to report after the data were collected, and I believe that the final study protocol was not followed.”

  40. My son had words and made eye contact and all the usual stuff prior to his 15 month jabs. Before he turned 2 he was diagnosed with autism. He is 5 now and still non-verbal very high needs but beautiful boy. Here in NZ, they say we have absolutely no thimerosal in our vaccinations. So????

  41. There has been a link between injectable toxins within vaccinations."Mercury"
    highly toxic chemical mixed within the vaccines. Parents are encouraged to
    do research. Since Pharma is immune from prosecution!

  42. So agree! I have been saying this a long time. My son was very medically ill, and all the mainstream would say is "Well… uh… he 'HAS' autism." And they wouldn't help his horrendous gut pain, metabolic and immunological disorders. Thanks GOD we found an immunologist who "gets it.' Thanks to other parents who had traveled this road, we were able to help our child. As we addressed eh heavy metal exposure and the medical problems and what caused them, his so called "autism" improved.

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