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VALENTINE’S DAY! Self-Harm & Eating Disorder Video with Kati Morton – Healthy Mind, Healthy Body!

So Valentine’s Day is coming up, and for many of us, we hate it, we dread it, we hide from it, ahh! Others, we love it, we embrace it. Flowin’ with the love to everybody yada yada. Love is in the air! So stay tuned! So Valentine’s day is coming up. The day of love, it’s so exciting. Or it’s not and it’s terrible and we hate it. Right? And to be honest, sometimes I find that when holidays come up, Christmas, Valentines Day, Thanksgiving, your birthday, it could be anything. Right? A holiday, that is almost forced positivity. Everybody’s like feel good, because everything on TV is like spend your money, buy some cards, go to dinner, right? And we’re then we’re like ahh, it’s too much pressure and we crumble. Oh. And then we’re just depressed and we’re upset about it. So we’re like, damnit, that was my one shot this year for that holiday, I gotta wait a whole another 354 days before that happens again. So, I’ve been doin’ some thinking. Some deep Kati thinking. I went out to lunch the other day, and I thought to myself ’cause I was having a really shitty day. We all have shitty days right? You know those days where it’s like [exhales] wahn wahn wahn. And you just don’t wanna deal. Sometimes, I’m like, just don’t wanna deal. I’m tired. Right? So what do we do? So I went out to lunch, I thought, “I’m gonna take myself out to lunch, that’s right. That’s what I’m gonna do.” And I decided I’m gonna be overly friendly to strangers. I know you’re thinking, “Kati, you’re a creep.” But that’s not what I mean. I mean just when people, you come into the restaurant, “Oh hi Miss, would you like a table?” “No I’d like to sit at the bar, thank you so much, you’re so nice!” You just are overly friendly. People will usually respond back with friendliness and they’re all excited and they think you’re so nice. “How was your day?” And they ask you random questions right? And they almost, because it’s like forced positive interaction with them, it brightened my day. I left that thinking, “It’s not so bad. I can do this, right?” Da da da. My whole song had changed from “wahn, wahn, wahn” to “Dann dannt dunnt dunnt dahhn” Does anybody feel like they have a running sound track? Right, so I was having that moment. And I was like, I’m gonna blog about that, on my website. But then I was like, you know, I think it’s perfect for Valentines Day, because it’s one of those holidays. We’re forced to share love and spread positivity. But, I really think this will help. So here’s my idea! You can like it, or you can hate it, that’s fine. But I think this could really help us because a lot of us, when we suffer with self harm and eating disorders depression, anxiety. We have those days that are all pressured and holidays revolve arounds can be really stressful and that actually makes our depression worse, or our eating disorder, self harm urges worse. Or our anxiety, through the roof! Right? So, I would like you to get some Valentines. You can even get the little cheesy ones that have the little heart stickers that you put ’em together like Snoopy, or I don’t know, I’m trying to think. I really like Snoopy, but anyways, there’s a ton of them. Carebears..I mean for guys out there you’re like “Kati, shut up.” But you know what I mean. Get those little cheesy, you guys get like GI Joes or like the Transformers. You can get those. So, get the little cheesy little kid valentines. And give them out to people that are important to you. Even if you don’t writing little nice things down like, “Thank you so much, Mom, for brightening my day, and you know, will you be my Valentine?” It’s kind cute and it forces us to think positive. It’s the same thing as doing our recovery journal, right? We’re forcing our brain to stop focusing on the negative and we’re gonna focus on the positive. So we can write out little Valentines, you can give one to you mom or your boss or your therapist, or your dietician. Or people that have worked with you, and that they’ve shown you love and then you can show love back. And I think that by doing that, it kind of, it spreads positivity. Right, ’cause there’s so much out there spreading negativity all the time. I can’t even watch the news these days ’cause it’s all negative. Yuck! So, we’re gonna try to turn that around. And, something I want you to do, even if you don’t want to send these, if you’re thinking Kati, this is a bad idea, bad idea! Then, we’re gonna get into our recovery journal and we’re gonna write a Valentine to ourself. What have you done to show yourself love lately? Did you take a nice bath, did you paint your nails, did you paint your toes? Did you rub on your foot? I rubbed my feet the other day ’cause I was wearing high heels. Woah! Felt really good. So, show yourself a little love, and if you haven’t, now’s the time to do it, so that you have something to write down. And let’s hope, spread some positivity. We can look for the positives in life or we can look towards the negatives. And that voice is always telling us to look towards the negative. So, I think this exercise will help us be more positive! Okay? So let’s do it! Grab that journal! Go to Target or Walmart or whatever and get those cheesy little Valentines! Everybody loves Valentines! Right? And we’re gonna help spread the love. I feel like it should be the 70’s and dun dun dun. You know, like free love or something? Anyway, so, I think that will be really good, and that’s a great task. And let me know if you like it, and make sure to subscribe to my channel ’cause I’ve been putting out videos kind of all over the place, and then you’ll get notified about it and you won’t miss out. So, if you like it, hit the thumbs up! And we’ll keep working together, spreading positivity, spreading awareness towards a healthy mind and a healthy body. Hope you all have a happy Valentines Day! Oh yeah, okay. Oh and I almost forgot! Something that will be great, and if you don’t want to go to the store and purchase them and send them, totally understand! But let’s send Valentines to one another, via Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, my website, you can put your post, filled with love and thankfulness for everything everyone’s done and shared with you. And then we can be spreading our own positivity within our community and we can branch out that way. And I think that will mean to much to people! Imagine what it’ll mean to you to receive a message thanking you and telling you how much they care about you, so let’s help spread the love. So let’s send some Valentines. Get on it! [sped-up unintelligable singing] [exhales] Oh, I’m supposed to do stuff. Can’t do stuff. Power down, does not, cannot operate. Too tired. 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30 thoughts on “VALENTINE’S DAY! Self-Harm & Eating Disorder Video with Kati Morton – Healthy Mind, Healthy Body!

  1. Oh my god, Kati you're so funny! And here's what I did for myself today: I bought a foot kit (because my feet get super dry in the winter!) and I exfoliated my heels and lotioned them and now they're all soft and no longer rough. I also filed my nails and made them all shiny. I didn't see it as something nice to do for myself, but while watching this I realized it was a nice thing to do for myself, especially instead of cutting myself. I hope you have a good Valentine's day, Kati!

  2. ๐Ÿ™‚ You ALWAYS know how to make me smile. You're such a goof, and I love it! So don't change okay! You are perfecto just the way you are. <3

    And I LOVE the idea about sending valentines to everyone within the commnity. That is so awesome. The positivity and gratitude attitude could make this world a better place… at least my world, since I can really only speak for me… BUT, I think we all need to take off our sour faces and smile. Even if we don't want to. ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. Thank you for posting this Kati! I'm not a Valentine's Day Pessimist, but I know a numerous amount of people around me who are! I think that I should share this video with them! You had a lot of very great ideas! ; )

    I love how in each and every new video you come out with, we start seeing the "real" you, being all silly and goofy! I was wondering if you were filming this video somewhat late – the lights are darker than usual. Where do you normally film? Your office?

    Happy Valentine's Day!!

  4. I like to buy those cheesy valentines, address them to "beautiful stranger" And say nice, generic things and leave them in random places. It makes people happy ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Omg this video made me laugh. Definitely not feeling the ~write myself a valentine~ assignment, but instead I'll write down some ideas to be nicer to myself. Also an idea for another video you could do is how to stop the eating disorder/self harm cycle (ie binge, purge, binge again) or how to stop panic attacks.

  6. Before watching this, I always thought forced positivity was a bad thing. But now I realise that forced doesn't have to mean fake!
    Thank you Kati! Have a wonderful Valentines ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. HAHAHA you are so funny! Fell asleep crying, wake up dreading the day…watch your video and start laughing and smiling instantly. (: so thank you! What you said is totally true too. I used to hate Valentines Day. I always thought it was stupid. It always reminded me I was alone, I don't mind it now.. I'm still "alone" but thats okay I have accepted that right now I do not need a guy in my life. I have amazing friends. I love that you're being yourself in these videos! Happy Valentines Day! <3

  8. You always manage to make me laugh (even on days i don't want to!) I like you just being real and silly. It's refreshing to see. What i have done for myself lately is take more bubble baths with candles lit around. Paint my nails. And hung out with a very close friend. And tonight i am treating myself to get my hair dyed ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for this video, helpful as always xoxo

  9. Haha aww your positivity is so cute! Just made my day ๐Ÿ˜€ I love how bubbly you are in your videos. You're great! <3

  10. loved this video, my bday today i actually dressed up today and earrings which i never do, just been happier and less stressed with support and Eating again, my mom and I like your ideas in this video im going to try it all:)

  11. Google Operation Beautiful. I post notes a lot and it makes me feel better. YOU make me feel better Kati. Your videos cheer me up and give me hope.

  12. Sorry, I meant EDAW (Eating Disorder Awareness Week). It's from Feb 24 to March 2 this year, and it usually overlaps with SIAD (Self Injury Awareness Day), which is always March 1.

  13. To be honest, I personally prefer the videos where you are making less yokes and talk more seriously. Don't get me wrong, it is funny and I know it helps many people out there to smile when they're having a hard time. So maybe it's just me, but I prefer the ones where you explain things more "seriously" because I kinda feel more understood then..But thanks anyway for all you do! xoxo

  14. Love you in this vid! I hate it when help is only one way.. like my pschycologist where obviously she doesn't want my help.. but I still feel bad. I want to tell her how much I appreciate her help and how much it means to me, but somehow I don't feel I can cos she is a professional person. In an email to her I think I said 'you are a really nice person.' and she responded by saying 'there is no need for that.' I find these boundaries really hard, but would it be bad if I cross them??

  15. we were friendly to a lady at maccas we got a free icecream ๐Ÿ˜› and told we were the nicest people they served all day lol

  16. I tried being super nice today at work because I was feeling like crap, and I didn't want to be there. I just wanted to curl up, and lie in bed, but after being super nice to people they treated me with more respect than I had ever been treated with at work. I did well at work even though my heart was hurting so much. Your advice is truly inspiring ๐Ÿ˜€

  17. kati its me layla and my cousins said to one another that whoever cuts themselves is emo and i tryed to explain to them that its mean to label people and they ignored me and kept talking and i hate being named

  18. This cheered me up. I might give this a try – I'm known for doing random, quirky things anyway. ๐Ÿ˜‰ย  I had another thought – it could be a fun thing to do, to get a bunch of those cheesy little valentine cards and take them with you around town. Visit your favorite shops, restaurant, wherever, and either give them to workers you recognize or simply fill them out on-the-spot and hand them to people who give you good service. Spread random 'farm-wuzzies' that way. ๐Ÿ™‚

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