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Vehicle Accident SOS System (PIS Major Project Team T36)

Hello everyone my name is Akunj. and my teammates
are Ansh and Ankit and we are from IIIT Delhi. and in this video we will summarize our project
vehicle accident SOS system so let’s start As we all know the road accidents leads to
the loss of human life and it was noted with a deep concern that
the most of the deaths occur as a result of late response by emergency
services specially for accident occuring in remote
areas or at right where there is no means of
alerting the responsible authorities moreover each minute that
an injured crash victim does not receive an emergency
medical care can make a large difference in the survival rate
so this project seeks to reduce the time taken between the accident time and the notifying
the right authority that is the hospital and the main stakeholders
are the driver of the vehicle but if the accident occured and the victim
is the person with whom the accident is occured then he/she
can be the stakeholder so we all are the stakeholders
In this video we are providing a system that is fully automatic to help vehicle occupance
even when they are incapacitative and subconscious and also the user interaction with the driver
to know whether the driver is okay?, can have the ambulance to be there
on time In this project we require an arduino, this is arduino uno A GSM MODULE (SIM900A) A GPS MODULE (NEO-6M)
an ANTENNA FOR GPS MODULE So we have to put them together. and here it is. A BREADBOARD AND SOME CONNECTING WIRES.

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