Video: Man sentenced to 99 years in prison in 'Hell's Gate' murder

Video: Man sentenced to 99 years in prison in 'Hell's Gate' murder

more than an hour the jury in convicted killer Robert Martinez's murder trial had their punishment verdict ninety-nine years in prison Martinez killed a man in what prosecutors called an execution-style murder Paul vltava following this story from the Justice Center nobody deserves to die nobody deserves to be executed the way that he executed Stephen Serna Serna was shot to death in a drainage ditch known as Hell's Gate three years ago he was lured there by 22 year-old Robert Martinez who promised him he would make him some drug money this was not an accidental or a reckless shooting it was an execution an execution she said in retaliation for the murder of one of Martinez friends but to this claim that a member of siRNAs family was involved in that murder the state's key witness was Martinez uncle Larry Isaac he testified that his nephew admitted to him that he killed Serna this was not a retaliatory strike there's no evidence of that not one drop of evidence of a Larry Isaac who himself does not know Isaac testified for the state in exchange for a reduction in prison time in a kidnapping case pending against him McCray suggested that because of that deal Isaac's testimony it was not credible it was prosecutors covered as they asked for a life sentence 99 years is considered the equivalent to life in prison Martinez will have to do 30 years in prison before he's even eligible for parole Paul venema case had 12 news

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  1. A KIDNAPPING case. I’m not sure how long of a sentence that will get you but I don’t think it’s life, or even close. And he still ratted on his nephew to get that probably short sentence even shorter. That’s tuff. Even though I think the kid deserves life for what he did but still that’s tuff. His uncle better watch his back

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