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Viking Sky Onboard Damage Photos From Massive Winds and Waves Off Norway Coast

everybody it’s Bruce here with traveling
with Bruce today is date March 25th 2019 it’s been a couple of days since we were
following this breaking story about the Viking Skye cruise ship having problems
a couple of miles off the coast of Norway her engines gave out the ship was
at the mercy of the waves the passengers were gathered together and had to get to
their muster stations with the life jackets on and await their instructions
from the captain the captain decided to try to evacuate as many passengers as
possible by a helicopter we saw these images just show up everywhere for these
credible helicopter pilots up bringing their their vessels right to the ship
here a total of 479 passengers were actually
brought off the ship by helicopter over about a 24 hour or so timeframe story
goes 17 had to be admitted to hospital for injuries sometimes roken bones turn
injuries they got tossed around quite a bit as did the furniture on the ship
look at some of these photos here what happens when you you know you take a
cruise ship and you you treat it like a salt shaker sort of a slow-motion salt
shaker for a day and a half everything gets tossed around and it can be a mess
a glass on the floor even the working office areas where the staff does all
their paperwork in you know the crudo does all of their onboard work their
offices were ruined doors like these shattered when furniture comes crashing
into it which of course makes the doors inoperable because they’re probably
operated by electronic open and door open and closing the mechanisms here’s
the beautiful Observation Lounge completely in ruins you know first the
furniture gets moved around back and forth then lakes start to snap off of
chairs and then it just gets worse and worse and worse and of course if you’re
a passenger you’re gonna get hit by this debris if
you’re in the area so you gotta watch out for that so good job for the crew
they got the ship into moldy Norway mo LD e I guess it’s mold
Norway she’s in calm waters now the remaining 850 or so passengers and crew
that were not a vacuum of I evacuated by helicopter have now been able to
literally just walk off the ship using the gangplank kudos to the captain nee
and the rescuers they were able to get the engines
slowly but surely back up and running they got the ship under tow they brought
her in to safe passage but it’s got to make you wonder this this cruise was
sold as a Northern Lights extravaganza cruise in the middle of winter you don’t
wonder if this is really wise marketing on behalf of Viking do you really want
to go after this kind of business and subject your passengers to this kind of
weather because it can’t get nasty one never knows join me Monday to Friday
five o’clock Eastern Saturdays at 2:00 we talk cruise ships six days a week
we’ll stay on top of this story and see how it all pans out as time goes by
subscribe today and we’ll talk too late everybody bye for now

Cesar Sullivan

22 thoughts on “Viking Sky Onboard Damage Photos From Massive Winds and Waves Off Norway Coast

  1. I wonder how many cruises will have to be cancelled in order to repair the ship?….And then you have thousands of people who need to be officially notified to try to cancel their airfare.

  2. Bruce, I feel bad for the injured people. Hopefully this disaster is not due to the captain deciding to go if he knew about bad weather approaching Norway.

  3. Would like to know if the passengers will be allowed back on board to retrieve their personal belongings. How that would that all work out with the interior of the ship being in such bad shape.

  4. I just would wait before saying nice things towards the Captain, right now the police r investigations is to why they saild   knowing there was a storm

  5. Hey Bruce, can you find out if the engine problems were due to defect or did they overload trying to maneuver in rough sea?

  6. Ty Bruce for the updates. Missed today's chat , was @dr. Ugh getting bad news. Ty again for sharing your thoughts and videos. HUGS and blessings

  7. Lets be real, the remaining passengers walked off the ship! No, they Ran for their lives. Flee, run quickly and don't look back! Wish those who were hurt a speedy recovery.

  8. That ship doesn't sound seaworthy to me. Engine failures, stabilizer failures, furniture and glass flying around, ceilings caving in, etc. The Captain should not have left port in stormy weather. I hope the injured people recover completely.

  9. With all the modern electronics how does a Captain sail into a storm?The cruise lines need to start snatching stripes and take these people out of command

  10. The north Atlantic in March. Did entire Europe to Canada crossing in March 64 years ago. Could have told you there would be rough weather.

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