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Violent EF-4 tornado near Katie, Oklahoma: May 9, 2016

yeah that's awesome oh my god Oh Dave look at that Oh wowie why are we wearing round rally it's not informing you're fine you're all good don't worry about it okay you it looks like there's about to be another one on the right side there they're like no one here there might be a place to pulled off up here just keep up a little bit those trees are in our way that's a really big tornado it's just going due east but can you go right now hop just don't miss right it's good right here that is a pretty awesome tornado there is the best daytime tornado which seems to tell every now very violent motion at the surface there got it yeah keep thinking that there's about to be another one all right that's a significant tornadoes yep forgot it this was the winning wood The Weather Service was aware they say what should we do yeah so stable I mean the tornado we see on stage you can see the upward motion along the edges of it it might be shrinking well maybe not I think it's about to do a rope out here hear it you hear it okay fine just checking it's gonna do rope out a little bit maybe oh my god this is awesome oh I am getting everything all huge debride damn it Eduardo something like I think another trees those are whole trees I see him oh my god Roofing yeah let's see there's like yes I feels can you see that yeah I'm seeing it that's it's big we're just gonna need to say here but you want to be kinda like multi vortexing here almost look at how strong that is actually kind of under Newtons I love this monopod I can actually watch the tornado with my real eyes while I'm shooting video look at that oh my God look at that okay this hill the floor sees how violent that is I need to move so you can see look at this look how straight up your helical vortices Dave oh my god you focus on that look at this line I'm saying it's healed the vortices big time I see him I say oh my goodness gracious that is so violent at the surface there's probably a new ball cloud about to produce a tornado okay look at it I see oh it is so broken out your bidding I can't do that right now it just can't there's going to be a new tornado probably formed off to the east of it I'm telling you yeah not ahead of us ahead of it okay it's still having mood surface yeah it's just my tree convinced you know yeah we're gonna have to deal with yeah I mean otherwise like it's like it's stable there's about to be another tornado yes

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