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Domestic Violence and Abuse

Visibility – 2018 Easterseals Disability Film Challenge

[KEYS JANGLING] Oh, it’s gorgeous! Ah, this is way more than our
reduced social security checks, that’s for sure. Those guys are such boobs. It was so easy. We should have robbed a bank. If we did, then we’d have
enough money for rent and never have to
worry about it again. 75% of banks use dye packs. Bars don’t use dye packs. Well that means 35% percent
of them don’t use dye packs. That’s the invisible minority. This is why I’m the brains. Can you grab the bag, please? And I’m the hawk. All right, you’re the hawk. Can you use your claws
and grab the bag, please? Lobsters have claws. These are talons. OK, talons. Whatever. Just grab the bag. [HAWK NOISE] Say, what’s this? No. No! [SPRAYING SOUND] [MUSIC PLAYING] OK. Here’s how it goes down. This is the bar. You, Henry, go into the bar. No, Hawk. I want a nickname too. I want to be called Hawk. You’re the Brains. I’m the Hawk. [HAWK NOISE] I know a guy who
used to work there. And he told me the owner
doesn’t trust banks. Very paranoid. Keeps all the cash in the back. Just listen. OK? OK. OK. You, Henry, go into the bar. HENRY (OFFSCREEN): Hawk. BRIAN (OFFSCREEN): Fine. You, Hawk, go into the bar while
I distract the security guard outside. You’re 21, right? Yes. GUARD: It’s a joke, all right? OK. How are you going
to distract him? At first, my
conversational vibrance. How’s it going? I asked you a question. Why are you wearing
that security T-shirt? I mean, I know you’re
security and all, but does your boss make you wear
it or is it more of a little, uh, personal flare? It’s visibility. People see me and they think
they know what I can do. But in actuality? They got no idea what I can do. Ah. So personal. GUARD: I guess. What do I do meanwhile? You rob the bar
with a fake clock bomb strapped to your chest. Duh. Oh. Oh. I like that. Nice weather
we’re having, huh? HENRY (OFFSCREEN): If you
don’t give me all your money, I’ll blow this place
to smithereens! BRIAN (OFFSCREEN):
Then comes the mace. Hey! Ahhh! I’m blind. I’m blind! Then I finish him. I’m blind. Oh! Oh. Oh, my knee! I got it! The Hawk’s got it! Let’s fly. [HAWK NOISE] [GROANING] Also, I hit the owner over
the head with my crutch. [SPRAYING SOUND] Ah! Oh! Next time we rob a bank. Ugh. I’m sorry. [HAWK NOISE] Wait! [MUSIC PLAYING]

Cesar Sullivan

8 thoughts on “Visibility – 2018 Easterseals Disability Film Challenge

  1. This was great! Very funny – some great laugh out loud moments – and love the actors. Congrats on finishing and if you have a few moments, please check out our team's entry as well: – good luck in the competition!

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