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Vk 75.01 (K): The Best Damage in its Tier

Amateurs of German vehicles
know these shapes very well. Large silhouettes, straight lines,
and a rear turret placement. These are the distinctive features
of German superheavy tanks. However, looks
can be deceiving. Can this Tier VIII Premium
heavy tank repel enemy forces and cause as much damage
as other same-tier heavies? Does it have surprises other
than this strange inscription? Let’s check it out! The first question about any heavy
tank is “Does it have good armor”? This is the right
question to ask. It requires a thoughtful
and considered answer. Let’s start with the good stuff. The turret front and gun
mantlet are thick enough. They can withstand hits from
guns with penetration of 250 mm. And this basically includes
most Tier VIII and IX vehicles, excluding tank destroyers. The science
doesn’t know for sure, whether its frontal armor
is related to its gun mantlet, but the turret is great,
and that’s a fact. As for its weak spot… well, it’s the commander’s
cupola, which is no secret. Still, you can cover it
by raising your gun or moving out
to the right side of cover. Enemies will have trouble hitting
it even at a medium distance. And, well… After several failures, the
enemies will try to hit the VK’s hull. In this position, the effective armor of
the lower glacis plate is over 200 mm. The upper glacis plate has more
than 260 mm of effective armor. As for the junction of armor plates,
the armoring here reaches 270 mm. Besides this, if you
angle the hull front, the values will be
even more impressive. Keep in mind, we’re talking
about a Tier VIII tank! Even Tier X vehicles might not
penetrate its armor in some cases. The hull armoring behind the tracks
is 100 mm, which is pretty good. When positioned
at ricochet angles, the VK can deflect shells even from
the most formidable opponents. Together with a sturdy turret, the
vehicle armoring gives you confidence. You just need to get into
position and knock off shells… But it’s not that simple! The vehicle has weak spots.
Tankers should never forget about them. For example, when the
VK 75.01 is cresting a hill, its lower glacis plate
becomes vulnerable to enemy hits, as its armor
drops down to 160 mm. Even some Tier VI vehicles can
penetrate its armor at this angle. On the other hand, if an enemy
takes an elevated position, they can penetrate your hull
roof and upper glacis plate. That’s why this
German tank should avoid clinching enemies with good
elevation/depression angles. Basically,
the armoring is a bit tricky. On the one hand, it’s great.
On the other—there are some nuances. Commanders should really
experience the zen of armored combat. Find a balance between
good and evil, so to say. Between the armor
and its absence. That’s how you do it: First, avoid terrain irregularities. Second, use the hull front to trick
an enemy into shooting at you. Third, try to sidescrape without exposing
the lower glacis plate and front roller. To do this, make use of the
tank’s rear turret placement. Fourth, if you’re able to hide your lower
glacis plate, face your enemies head on. And, most importantly,
act at the right time and place. When driving the VK 75.01,
it’s pretty easy to choose a path. The tank likes neither terrain
irregularities nor open spaces. Well… no heavily
armored vehicles like them. So, the choice
is simple and clear. If you see a town—go there.
There’s a hill ahead. That’s our goal. A nearby church?
You know what to do. Another question is, are we in
a hurry? And can we get there in time? The tank’s top
speed is 30 km/h. Its specific power
is 12 horsepower per ton. The mobility
is pretty mediocre. That’s normal for
vehicles with good armor. This German machine reaches
positions slower than the IS-3 but faster than the
VK 100.01 (P) or O-HO. With dignity
and German prudence. Fast vehicles will be the
first to reach the battlefield, engage in combat,
and distract enemies. This is when you draw your
128 mm argument—your gun. Average penetration
of the standard shell is 226 mm, which is one of the best
among all Tier VIII heavy tanks. And it’s one of the most
important parameters for a tank that’s supposed
to earn credits. The APCR shell
penetrates 263 mm of armor. The gun accuracy is 0.39, but
you can easily improve it to 0.34. Besides this, your aiming time
can be decreased to 2.4 seconds. It’s pretty good for a tank
that prefers urban encounters. Firing this gun is fantastic. And it gets even better
when you see the results. The VK 75.01 causes
490 HP of damage per hit! This is the ultimate winner among
all Tier VIII Premium heavy tanks! With a bit of luck, you can cause
more than 600 HP of damage per hit! Three shots can be enough
to destroy ANY same-tier vehicle! No other Tier VIII heavies
can boast the same. This is the key
feature of the vehicle… Basically, there are two
types of Tier VIII heavy tanks. They either have
good alpha damage, but in the reticle,
it looks somehow like that. Or they have good accuracy, but
damage per hit isn’t impressive at all. The VK, however, features both good
damage per hit and an accurate gun. Which makes it super mean. Nevertheless, the low rate
of fire and damage per minute balance the tank’s advantages. But ask yourself again:
Are you really in a hurry? The commander of the
VK 75.01 (K) is in no hurry. He chooses his lane deliberately
and moves to an SPG-proof position. And he does so with dignity! Upon reaching the battlefield, he checks the battle
situation and picks his target. If the target might have
difficulties penetrating your armor, face it head on, deflect
shells, and hit it in return. This hit will be painful alright. It might even discourage your
enemy from trying it ever again. Then you’ll need another target. It might even be
a formidable Tier X opponent. However, don’t try to deflect its
shells other than in extreme cases. If you do it right,
you might have a chance, but don’t trade
your durability beforehand. Be patient and pick your moment.
After they fire a shot, make your move. Even Tier X
monsters won’t like it. In any case, be sure to stick
to your allies and never play alone. Your team won’t allow
opponents to get close. The super-heavy VK 75.01 (К)
doesn’t like close-range encounters. It prefers fighting at medium distances,
where it can push back any enemy. When the enemy spirit runs short,
together with their hit points, it’s time for you
to lead the attack. The VK 75.01 (K) will
do so with its guard up. Your team will
surely follow you. You’re a warrior, a winner,
and a reliable teammate. That’s just how it has to be.

Cesar Sullivan

72 thoughts on “Vk 75.01 (K): The Best Damage in its Tier

  1. I miss these videos. And I love the new format, from the new announcer who gives this show a David Attenborough feel to the new graphics and effects. Keep it up WG.

  2. башенка которую видно за километр, и нлд 200 мм как у льва по размерам, хороший танк, что бы я мог весь барабан бронебойных снарядов из сомуа всадить в нлд и отправить в ангар вбивцю захсника, ну а если начнет ромбовать зарядим голду и будем стрелять во все щели.

  3. Can't win your games ? tired of playing your low tier tanks? why not spend 82 dollars and get this over priced virtual tank and rekt those f2p players. While you can spend 82 dollars and get 3+ games or a triple A game on other platforms. This games a joke, such money grabber company LOL

  4. I've already watched a lot of gameplay of this thing, and on paper, yeah the armor is good. In reality, however, it seems most people just sling skill rounds at you and completely negate all armor you think you have, so I thoroughly disagree with your falsely advertised "perfect armor" for this tank. Buyer beware this will always be the case until something is done to rebalance gold ammo.

  5. This was really unnecesary, you just needed to adjust the alpha damage of the Löwe from 320, to 360 or 400 and change the model of it's gun to fit the caliber.

  6. HT No 6, Tiger 131 > Tiger I/P
    Captured Tiger > Tiger II
    VK 75.01 > Tiger II
    GG Wargaming! making more Premium tanks instead of fixing the German Heavy tech tree!

  7. Hey, WG, this is actually a really cool video. Nicely done and well-presented. Unfortunately its only purpose is to sell us a premium tank.

    A video like this, a little shorter, and with the map-lanes segment expanded somewhat, would be a great primer for every tank in the game.

  8. Pls make tier 3 event like this im suggesting:

    25 vs 25 players
    Grand Battle map
    75 kills to win
    Infinite respaawns with 5 sec delay

  9. I would probably buy this if I'm not a broke college student, I'll just stick to that tier 9 german super heavy

  10. Thank you for new premium tank. Now my Lowe, Tiger 2, T34 are totally useless. Strange to add tanks, whos damage it's 1/3 hp of other 8th lvls.

  11. This tank is actually quite mediocre so many drawbacks just to gain that 490 alpha, surprising not OP and it's German so it has to have giant weakspots.

  12. it all fun and game till type 5 and E 100 and 3 arty MM come with their HEsh, armor become irrelevents

  13. I like that Wargaming has listened a little and added human skin covering the gun mantlet, but we are all still waiting for an entire Human Skin Camo, and a Hair Camo for our tanks.


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