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Watch These Frustrated Squirrels Go Nuts! | Deep Look

there's no better poker face than that of the fox squirrel these animals just do not produce facial expressions for a squirrel it's all about that tail when a predator is around the squirrel doesn't snarl instead it whips its tail back and forth to look big and fearsome researchers call this s-shaped movement flagging and it means the squirrel feels really threatened at the University of california-berkeley animal behaviorist Michael Maria Delgado wondered what else she could learn from watching squirrels flag their tails could it open a window into squirrels emotional world's for instance these squirrels get frustrated like we do so she lured some of the squirrels that live on campus down from the trees she taught them how to open a box to find a walnut inside squirrels love walnuts that little two-step he's doing it kind of looks like woohoo I'm about to get a net it's actually squirrel four back off this is my nut once the squirrels learned how to open the box Delgado trained them to expect a walnut each time they looked inside and this is key because frustration is usually defined as not getting what you expected and she changed things up for some squirrels she replaced the nut with corn which squirrels don't like as much the squirrels were not amused and the tail flagging began other times she left the box completely empty they flagged their tails even more finally she locked the box flag flag and flag but the squirrels got aggressive a hallmark of frustration the question is if squirrels do it and we do it why do we get frustrated why is it useful from an evolutionary point of view here's one possible answer the frustrated squirrels aren't just blowing off steam they're gathering up the energy to brute force a new solution kind of like kicking the vending machine when it eats your dollar see they're trying different ways to open up the box Delgado's hypothesis is that frustration might actually be beneficial but pitching a fit might sometimes be just what squirrels and people need figure things out if you've wondered about the emotional life of squirrels and really who hasn't then maybe you've also asked why banana slugs are so slimy or how Christmas trees have sex deep look has the answers so subscribe and let us know what you think in the comments below thanks for watching

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43 thoughts on “Watch These Frustrated Squirrels Go Nuts! | Deep Look

  1. Frustration at not getting what they want. Kind of like getting a decent education at Berkely. Their resumes are generally round filed.

  2. The grand question is: why don't humans wag the tail, when we are frustrated? Or perhaps it isn't such a "grand question" after all.

  3. This production featured only skinny able-bodied white women, narrator included. This was a shameful display of gynocentric non-inclusivity.

  4. Frustration leading to outbursts may be cute with squirrels but pitching a fit on the freeway might get you shot.

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