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We Had An Accident At The School Playground

oh my gosh we’re struggling let’s go hi having fun yet he keeps asking why
this route is so much fun we go through like this grassy swampy area and this
sidewalk is double wide so I can ride side by side and it’s just a lot more
fun than your typical sidewalk Trinity doesn’t ever pay attention to
when we stop that’s okay it’s hard when you’re in the front so we better keep
going you have no idea how to do this okay where do we live do you have any idea where we live you Utah…we live….
No no no stop!
Mustard-Ketchup! oh no she’s dead! oh she saved me! Nina! hello? *Crying* What happened? Is your arm broken? He just got it stuck between bars he’s
gonna be- I don’t think you would have broke it you gonna be okay tell him
you’re gonna be okay but we’re ready to go home now aren’t we
let’s go home you’re gonna be okay lift up your arm can you move it can you move it? okay you’re gonna be okay he’s gonna be okay Thank for liking, commenting and subscribing!
And we’ll see you next time! Bye phone!

Cesar Sullivan

3 thoughts on “We Had An Accident At The School Playground

  1. I'm starting to do "Commtests" on my videos! Let me know what you think about this fun interactive idea!

  2. March uhhhhhhhhhhhhh I am totally gonna guess on this off the top of my head here i am not good at remembering I will go with march 15th lol orrrrr April haha .

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