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Weed Grandma Shows Us How to 420 Braise It: BONG APPÉTIT

Cesar Sullivan

100 thoughts on “Weed Grandma Shows Us How to 420 Braise It: BONG APPÉTIT

  1. Sad lot these commenters. Just buy Marcella Hazan’s cookbook and then you be the judge whether or not to add any other herbs.

  2. Had a pyloric stenosis when I was born. Had alot of my intestines removed and part of my colon. Have extreme difficulty keeping weight and have a few other issues. Secondary surgeries, scar tissue, secondary bowel strangulation due to incisions causing scar tissue etc. Marijuana has made life bareable. It does do the relaxation part which is nice when have constant vitamin deficiency and often nausea. Marijuana has made my life so much better. Way better on the nausea I can eat. I'm more relaxed when your life is hospitals and surgeries.

  3. I live in nz and it is illegal here. I wish we could legalise it here because my niece suffers from seizures and from what I've been watching this will help her alot

  4. i hate when people think its so bad, cause its not. its alot safer than beer and pain pills. you cant get addicted and cant die from it. but pills and beer can kill you. weed is a medicine that helps sick people. I will fight the country to make it legal. for an example the Indians smoked it and use it for medicine and spiritual. you never heard Indians getting cancer or any bad diseases.

  5. people are ruining themselves these days with tattoos, the guy is a 3 dressed up like a 9 and if he ever ends up in jail he will be abused!

  6. 🤣🤣 he said I can't swallow 🤣🤣🤣 I bet they took advantage of him after the cameras went off. He was soooooo freaking high.

  7. I feel like chickens not the best choice to infuse. Just because it has to reach 165° F internal temprature to be cooked. But I suppose it would just take a while on low heat 🙂 love that grandma.

  8. In usa: wow grandma cooking with marijuana
    In italy, the grandma: the marijuana is a dangerous drug, i kill you😡😡

  9. Omgoodness oh how I need you I'm 56 yrs old female with crohns I'm 2lbs and cant find anything that helps me eat and gain weight I'm not ready to die I found this video very interesting wish I could get the help I need. Thank you so much.. and none is funny

  10. 91 I'll have what she's having looks like mid 70s guess woman didn't have so much shit on there face. Hard graft and good food to hand. 1 min in lol

  11. bruh i know im pretty late. but this guy got high by drinking, smoking and eating marijuana. and those bomb ass cooking. if this isn't the greatest job in the world. idk what else is.

  12. Is there more videos similar to the drink Fiona had made for her asthma BECAUSE THAT WOULD BE AMAZING !! I desperately would like to rid if not decrease my asthma problems that I have.

  13. Im tired of white people finding new ways of making profit from weed while theres a vast amount of Black people incarcerated for weed possession.

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  15. Notice how alive she looks compared to anybody around her age that doesn’t smoke haha like since she consumes marijuana she’s more alive then if she didn’t

  16. “What specific strain is it?”


    Proceeds to explain the difference between indica and sativa like this dude doesn’t know that already.

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