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What Are The Facts About Post Concussion Syndrome?

If you received a concussion in an automobile
accident, if you received a concussion at a construction site, you need to contact an
attorney if your symptoms don’t resolve within the first couple of months. If you’re
still having problems with memory, if you’re still having headaches, if you still can’t
return to work because you just can’t think clearly, you need to contact an attorney because
chances are the concussion has actually caused damage to your brain and is not going to be
a temporary condition. Often times, doctors will call this post-concussion syndrome. If you’ve been diagnosed with post-concussion
syndrome that means you’ve had a number of months of not getting better. You’ve
had a number of months of headaches, of not feeling like yourself, of being a different
person, being depressed. Medical science now understands with advanced MRIs and imaging
that there actually is damage to the brain and structures of the brain. In fact, a lot
of this is learned from the work being done by the military for all the concussions in
the roadside bombs in Iraq. That’s become the signature injury of the Iraqi war in fact
was concussions. The military studied that and were found that the troops coming back
don’t necessarily get better in two or three months. Many do, but a significant number
don’t. For more information, contact Doehrman Buba at (800) 269-3443

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