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What Else Can It Cut? – More Egg Slicer Life Hacks

Today, we’re going to see what other food we can cut with an egg slicer I’m using this metal one because i’ts nice and strong We’re going to start with something easy, like butter Just open up the slicer, and you can sit a nice big piece on top. And, because it’s relatively soft, the slicer cuts through it like, well, like butter. it gives you these nice even slices and you can pick them up, and put them in a dish to serve on the table with breakfast The next thing we’re going to try is hot dog sausages just lay one across the slicer, and bring the arm down it breaks off the sausage, and cuts the rest into nice even slices then… you can do the same again and keep going until you get to the end these slices make a perfect pizza topping next, we’re going to try slicing up a courgette sadly, you do need to use a knife to chop iti nto segments first but then, you can take a piece, and run it through the slicer to give you these nice even pieces and what is cool, is you can even chop it this way around to give you some variation it does make chopping things really easy, and it gives you that nice uniform thickness and you can even use it for canned potatoes, or if you’ve boiled your own It cuts straight through them And you can use these pieces to get a nice quick snack! Heat up a frying pan And melt a piece of your butter Add some slices of potatoe And abit more butter if you want too slowly fry them off Then throw in some courgette and I’m also adding some slices of hot dog sausage Fry it all of gently and keep turning it and after a few minutes it should be cooked and ready to serve! pretty cool huh? if you like you could take some feta cheese break yourself off abit and cut it into strips with your slicer you can spread some out on top of your food to give it some extra flavour! and its ready to serve the whole thing is really quick to make and is really tasty if you want to see what else you cut with an egg slicer you can take a look at my other video! and if you’re a subscriber to my youtube channel you can make sure you get notified everytime I launch a new video by clicking the notification bell by my subscribe button and then ticking the box and if you want to see more of my videos you can click on these links stay safe! have fun! and as always, thanks for watching!

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  1. And I’m sorry to bother ya tomorrow night and then go home 🏡 night is a fun game to go grab something fun to play for sure 💰😒🤦🏽‍♂️🏡🥵🙄

  2. I cannot stress enough how badly I want, and how long I have been looking for, a POTATO SLICER that will cut potatoes into slices the thickness of the cucumbers that were sliced on this video. Does anyone know if an egg slicer should do the trick???

  3. I have an antique store right by my house and I went there and found one of them it was $20 me being cheap put it in a random basket as a drift store

  4. Ok unrelated to the egg slicer thing but


  5. In Vietnam we make our own hot dogs so why did u guys be surprise when he took ou a hot dog from a jar?

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