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What is Disability Awareness?

Welcome to Disability Awareness where we empower
people who are disabled to be an asset to society. You are saying that this channel is not for
you. Before you go to a different video. Let me explain why this channel is for you. The number of people with disabilities is
growing every day in America. People like you have accidents every single
day and become disabled. Their future is changed completely in a split
second. What will they do? Where will they turn to? What if you have a child in the future who
will have Cerebral Palsy? Where will you learn about Cerebral Palsy. I hope you use our channel as a tool to learn
about Cerebral Palsy and how to give your child the best life that you can give them. Hello, my name is Chris Lenart founder of
Disability Awareness. I have Cerebral Palsy all my life. I started this channel on February first,
 2014. I was finishing writing a book about living
with CP with a friend of mine and I had more to say. So I thought YouTube would be a great tool
to continue my thoughts. I have never stopped doing videos since that
time. I think you are interested in this channel
now. The only way you can learn more is by becoming
a subscriber. Press the big red button. I know you won’t regret it. Thank you

Cesar Sullivan

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