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What to do if you have a car accident│LV=

Hello, I’m Victoria. A road traffic incident
– whether it’s a serious crash or just a bump – can be an upsetting and shocking experience. We thought it would be helpful to give you some information about what to do if you’re involved in a car incident. In the case of a minor collision, pull over when it’s safe to do so, stop
the car and go and speak to the other driver. You’ll need to exchange names, addresses and telephone numbers as well as the registration, make and
model of the other car. If the other vehicle is a lorry, you should take a note of the
number on the cab and the trailer. If the other vehicle is foreign, make a note
of what country it’s from and the ‘green card’ number – this helps us contact the UK representatives. Swap details of your car insurance companies in case either party needs to make a claim for damage to the vehicle as a result of the collision. And finally, when you get home, let us know straight away so we can process any claims. So long as no-one was injured, no traffic
offences were committed, no animals were involved and no property was damaged, this is all you have to do to comply with the rules of the Road Traffic Act. If the incident is more serious, call an ambulance if someone has been
injured and call the police too if you need them to attend the scene immediately. Make sure you give your name and address to anyone directly involved in the incident. It’s also helpful to give them your phone
and registration numbers and insurance details if you have these to hand. You should make a note of where and when the incident happened, including details of weather and traffic conditions, as well as the speed limit and any other roadside warnings in the area; Which vehicles were involved? Jot down the make, model, registration, colour and condition of any other vehicles, and how many passengers there are in each vehicle, if any; Who saw what happened? Ask anyone who saw what happened if they’d be happy to act as a witness and if so, take their contact
details; And what was the damage? Make a note of any visible damage to the vehicles or property involved in the incident and, if you have a camera
handy, you may want to take a few photos. As before, you’ll also need to notify us
straightaway so we can process any claims. One last thing: you might want to know what happens if you have an incident with an uninsured driver. If you have comprehensive cover with us and the incident was not your fault, you won’t
lose your No Claim Discount and we’ll cover your excess. All we need you to tell us is
the registration number of the other vehicle, the make, model and colour
and the driver’s name and address. And we’ll take care of everything else. For more information, give us a call or
visit our website,

Cesar Sullivan

5 thoughts on “What to do if you have a car accident│LV=

  1. Excellent clear advice, thank you. Helpful to have dashcam, too, and you could get a discount from your insurer. Always have a camera, notebook, pens, warning triangles, and fluorescent jackets for you and your passengers. A measuring tape is also a good idea. The more information you can obtain at the scene, the better.

  2. Great video and thanks for sharing the tips! Just wondering what should one do if the other driver refuses to share any information (or if he/she fled the scene)?

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