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What to do when you have water damage

Do you have water damage? If you’re wondering what to do next… Keep watching to find out… When you have water damage… Here’s what you need to do: First… Stop the water from the source…
If the leak involves a pipe break, burst, or freeze, call a plumber… Emergency plumbers can run around $250 per
hour… normal rates are half of that… If the damage involves a leaking roof, snow
melt, or ice damming… You’ll need to get a roofer to tarp the
roof or remove the snow. Second… Contact a water damage mitigation company. They’ll remove damaged drywall, moldings, or other building materials to prevent further damage. They’ll also set up industrial strength fans, dehumidifiers, and other drying equipment to properly dry the affected areas… in order to reduce damage, prevent mold growth and to keep your family safe! Water mitigation services usually cost between
$2,000 – $4,000 per room… Depending upon the extent of the damage. Third… Get ready to start an insurance claim. Don’t discard any damaged building materials or personal property. Take photographs or video of all damages… and keep all receipts and invoices related
to the incident… because they’ll be needed later. But before you get started, there are few
things you should know about the insurance claims process… It is complicated and time-consuming; and it can be treacherous to navigate alone. There are many steps in the process — all
of which are filled with obstacles and traps — setup by your insurance company — that could jeopardize your claim at any moment… which could lead to claim underpayment or denials… So it is very important to do things right
the first time… because you might not get a second chance after a mistake occurs. So before following this guide, schedule a
free, no-obligation, 30-minute consultation with me. By clicking the button below… and booking a time in my calendar. On the call, I’ll walk you through every
step on this list… And share some of the pitfalls you should
avoid during the claim process… should you decide… to go through with the claims process alone. And if you would like to work with
me and my team instead, we can talk about that too! So click the button and book a time in
my calendar before it fills up.

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