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What’s inside Lonzo Ball’s Shoes?

– Exclusive signed
autographed Lonzo Ball shoes. 995 dollar… In a way, you could say
that these are Sketchers. You ready for this? (pop music) – No. Welcome back to What’s Inside. – This is a big one. – Today, we feel like-
– A big, big- – Big ballas.
– Big. – Like, really big ballas. – Ballas? No R? You’re such a big baller that
there’s no R in big balla? Yes, this is the Big Baller Brand. – [Deep Voice] Big Baller Brand. – BBB, Big Baller. If you don’t know what
Big Baller Brand is, or the Ball family in general, then you don’t watch much sports. One of their sons go to UCLA, got caught shoplifting in China, Donald Trump had to get him out of prison, and how did they repay him? They talked smack about
him on social media. He was possibly facing 11 years in prison, in Chinese prison. – Don’t nobody wanna go to jail. – Chinese prison. – I woulda said thank you if he woulda put him on his plane and took him home. – It’s like one of the craziest circus shows I’ve ever seen. The dad, LaVar Ball,
said that, if you can’t afford a shoe that costs
$495, then apparently, you are not a big baller on the court, because you’re not willing to
put in the price for the shoe. – I’m still a big baller.
– Stay in your lane. – This shoe took us a
very long time to get. I ordered this in May of 2017, and then finally in December just before Christmas, they
came out with the shoes. These are the signed pair, 995 dollar. – Okay. – You ready for this?
– Yes. – [Daniel] He’s gonna unbox ’em for us, but I can hold the camera. Did you just rip the box? – I just threw it backwards. – I just opened it.
– Like any box I would do. – [Daniel] Well, the box was
not $995, that’s for sure. It comes in a fancy bag right here that has the logo on it, it’s very soft. – I am a BBB now. – Woo, look at that,
certificate of authenticity. Here we go, this is Lincoln’s first time seeing these shoes. – Hmm. The sole of the shoes right here, that looks cool, like the design. The bottom… I don’t know, it doesn’t… It’s not grippy, like KD’s or LeBron’s. Santa. Why does it say Santa? – They said when I ordered them originally it was gonna come in a glass box, the autographed version was. Apparently, they changed their mind and decided to go with
this one with the velvet in the cardboard box. The inside of this box
is velvety, it’s nice. Oh. Okay, all right, what’s inside the box? We’ve got cannons. You can actually get a
shoe that’s just like this that is not the Big Baller Brand, because they use the
same shoe mold for it, that I’m guessing is not $495. At this point, they’ve
only sold a few hundred, from what the numbers
are showing from the API from their website, showing around 350. – 4, 500 pair. – I will say, I really
wanted to not like Lonzo Ball watching him play for the Lakers, just because of his dad
and how obnoxious he was in the media, and how loud he was, and the claims that he says that his son’s gonna be better than Steph Curry, and that all three of his
sons are gonna be in the NBA, but watching him, he’s actually
a pretty good ball player. He’s definitely not in the
level of an all-star level, and he’s quiet, he seems like he’s not super loud and obnoxious like his dad. First impressions, it
is really really light. – That’s good. – This sole feels, I kinda wanna say cheap,
cause I’m just feeling it, but it does feel like
some styrofoam, it does. – Okay, this does not feel
like basketball shoes. Basketball shoes are sticky usually, and they’re really good
at sticking to the floor. – That’s true.
– But this is like- – It doesn’t feel very
sticky right out of the box. – No.
– And then the back, nice touch, a little carbon
fiber right there on the back. – Fancy.
– It looks like real carbon fiber. The bottom of it seems extremely flat for a basketball shoe. Gosh, I don’t wanna sound
like I’m negative about it, but it looks more like a grandpa’s shoes that he wears around the
house, cause it’s so flat, like loafers. These are Lincoln’s shoes
that he designed with Nike. – They’re cool. – Look at the bottom
of the soles of these. Bottom of the sole is quite boring. This is the Kevin Durant KD10s, these are the shoes that he actually wore when we did a video with him
and Lincoln scored on him. (yelling) You can feel the grooves,
like it sticks out more over here, and right there, but in the middle it kind
of indents a little bit, so it’s almost like when
your foot steps down it’s like a spring,
it’s like a protection. This is super flat. We got shoes for days. These are the Steph Curry, I don’t even know what edition, they’re kinda cool. – They’re threes.
– They say, can do all things, it has like a scripture on the side of it, on the thing. These are the Under Armor
shoes that he wears. If you look at the sole on this one, this is so incredibly flat. Feel that, feel it. Feel a difference? – And it’s so sticky. – You can even see right there. KD10s, $150, Steph Curry’s shoes are 120, and Lonzo Balls are $495. – That’s a big difference. – Just on price alone, this
isn’t even in the ball park. So, now what we need to do is we need to cut this thing in half. Does it have the tinsel
fibers that the KD10s have? Does it have an air
pocket like the Nike Airs? There’s a good article on GQ talking about how what saved Big Baller Brand shoe was a Sketchers funded company, so in a way you could say
that these are Sketchers. I would think that he’s the only NBA player that uses Sketchers. – Stay in your lane. – We’ve got the Big Baller Brand shoes in our neighbor’s workshop, because he has the perfect saw for it. This is the same one that we did Nike Air Max.
– Yeezys. Yeah, Nike Air Max. – Yeezys we used on a saw that I bought and it broke, and I
threw it away after that, and then decided I’m gonna ask my neighbor for help every time, because
this one’s pretty solid. – You look great. Fantastic. – All right, I’m gonna take
out the insides of this thing. Oh, and the shoelace, we don’t wanna do it with the shoelace on. We have learned our lesson before. All right, so it doesn’t
like the shoelaces. The insert on this is so solid. Should I put it on?
– No. – Glasses on. Exclusive signed autographed
Lonzo Ball shoes. Here we go. (rhythmic music) Oh! I’m becoming a pro at cutting shoes. Okay, I’m really interested to see what is inside of this thing,
but I’m not gonna do it yet. I wanna go sit back down at our desk and compare it to some of the other shoes. – Let’s go! We’re back, here we go. We need to look what’s inside. We haven’t looked yet. – Here you go, buddy. (dramatic music) – No air at all. – It does look really plain. Looks like the sole
just has one continuous piece of, I don’t even
know, urethane, rubber. It’s not as soft as maybe the Yeezy Boost. There’s no air pockets like the Nike Air. Oh, and did you feel this one in between? It’s like this soft little mesh. – [Lincoln] Feels like styrofoam. – Big Baller Brand. It says this is next generational foam. “The newest generation
of foam on the market, “our revolutionary foam has 40% EVA, “allowing for the Z02 to
sit 25% lower to the ground, “increasing ground feel and stability “while still providing better cushioning “than industry standard EVA.” I do find it really really interesting. There’s no tinsel fibers,
like on the KD10s, and there’s no air pockets inside of it. There’s barely anything other than the air pocket and the tinsel fibers. This is what the entire
shoe is made out of, that foam right there. These are some KDs, some old ones, I wanna say 10s?
– KD7s. – Or fours? – Sevens.
– Sevens? You can see these little pockets with the tinsel fibers in it, with the air pocket plus that, and
it even has something around the toe of the shoe. – Whoa! – What do you guys think about this? What do you think about-
– Is it too expensive? Is it worth the money? That’s the biggest question, probably. – The biggest question too, is what do you think, is Lonzo Ball and his two younger brothers, are they all gonna be in the NBA, are
they going to be good? I don’t know if you guys
saw this in the news, but I think with the
things that have leaked out about LeBron James,
sounds like his deal is around a billion dollars,
it’s like a lifetime deal. Lonzo and his dad LaVar tried to negotiate a deal with Nike, Adidas, and Under Armor. They asked for $3 billion. $3 billion for a deal. Maybe he’s gonna be good. Maybe like 10 years from
now we’re gonna watch this and we’re gonna be like, wow, he’s really really good. Steph Curry with Under Armor, he has a pretty good deal too, but he also has ownership in Under
Armor, which is a really good deal for him, so that could be worth a lot of money. But he also waited until he was like four or five years into the league until he got that type of really good deal. Are we gonna be looking
back at this saying, man, that was so worth
it, Nike, Under Armor, Adidas, they should’ve paid
that $3 billion dollars? What are your thoughts on this? We’re gonna be going through
the comments reading ’em. We got some good shoes going on there. – Oh, yeah. Okay, bye everybody. Let’s go! (laughing) – [Daniel] Let’s get out of here, go. – Just get out of here.
– Get out of here, kid. (tuneless singing)

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100 thoughts on “What’s inside Lonzo Ball’s Shoes?

  1. Ugly shoes waist of money for that amount of money you got should have brought Kanye west yeezy's instead

  2. Ball family is terrible playing basketball, I’m sorry but the only think they do well is creating controversy

  3. Dope.
    No hater. Good business move by the family. Every dad want the best for his sons. Its nothing wrong with a parent saying their child is the best.
    In which most kids Today do not even have a Dad let alone a supporting Dad. Let the Truth be told. Trump is also a marketing genius. He only helped for his own good and publicity. everyone who helps you is not your friend. Lonzo should have been in the gym ready to back up everything his Dad said because it's his legacy he's creating.

  4. your not buying the shoes to wear they cost that much since they are autograft. why ask dumb questions.

  5. It's funny how this guy waited almost 10 months for his brand new sneakers to be delivered. He decided to review the sneakers and cut his $500 shoes for likes and comments.

  6. Your becoming a pro at cutting shoes with your son who is a warrior fan who thinks there is air pockets in a non Nike shoe, How do you have 6.6 million subs by just cutting shoes

  7. man i was close to buying those autograph shoes. i thought he was gonna be the next jason kidd.. lucky i didnt buy it.

  8. These shoes look like cheap shoes made in a factory in China by some little Asian kids that make $1 a hour, I'll stick with me pg3s

  9. Lonzo actually uses the design of shoes he likes and put it on his shoes. So I guess the carbon fiber is from the Curry 3's Meta Wing Plates.

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