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When a Concussion Leads to Serious Vision Problems | Wow Vision Therapy

Our patient Thomas presented to our
office in July 2013. Thomas was an avid athlete, a very highly
regarded tennis player locally and even in the state. He suffered a concussion in
January 2012. And following the concussion, he found himself in a
situation where we have difficulty doing many of the day-to-day tasks that he
used to be able to do without any trouble. – If it wasn’t recommended, I honestly don’t know because I personally I had no
idea what vision therapy was before my physical therapist said anything. I remember right before the accident happen, we’ll call it, I was playing really well and I was I was doing things well and accident happened and I didn’t touch
a racquet for three months and I couldn’t even, when I got back I couldn’t
remember how to hit a ball very well. I think you kind of get down when you
realize what you were before and then you kind of look at what yourself is now,
that’s probably the worst part. I went through physical therapy first, and that helped. Then my neurologist took me off my medicine, and then I kind of had
like a relapse. I felt worse and then it happened again and then I went to
physical therapy again and that’s when I kind of felt like
is it ever going to get better or is it just gonna be like this for the rest of
my life? Am I going to be dizzy every day but a feeling nauseous when I wake up? And then my physical therapist said, “You need to do Vision Rehabilitation.” And now it’s gotten a lot better! So what I have noticed that has
changed since I’ve started here at Wow Vision Therapy is that I can read faster now and I don’t get as many headaches, thankfully! And then, when I’m reading I
have a better attention span to focus on the words than what I did before and I
can read for longer periods, without getting distracted by things that are outside of
the book or whatever I was reading. And then, also I just realized that I need to
like use my peripheral vision more and instead of moving my head
all the time I just move my eyes instead of my head. Before I used to be really dizzy all the time and I would kind of have to hold on things at points. But now it’s much better I don’t have to do that! It’s gotten a lot better and I just feel
like I can perceive things like the depth of how far things are, better. Now that I’ve
gone through vision therapy, I actually watch the ball, I didn’t watch the
ball very well, but now I actually watch it all the way to the racquet which is
what you’re supposed to do! So that’s good!

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