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WON $350k at Fortnite event & killed by Lazarbeam…

looking good today if you mock my words you're gonna win this thing I don't know I just feel it that's what it is the moment cards wars you know my bets on winning stance he's ready to win it's happening why jjun say hard in the blood [Applause] we had a llama record co2 mascots beautiful code today today the llama record company [Applause] Jordan Fisher from llama record Co here I've got courage shady and Lucifer on my team III honestly am really just sad in advance for anybody that finds us on this map what a mascot three hundred and fifty thousand dollars will go to first place and that will be divvied up amongst our three celebrities that will be playing on the stage here we go the first match of the summer block party sky station showdown is now live Jordan Fisher the llama record company they're in second place we're gonna crouch cheese so we into what I'm suppose they got a lot of value out of that though Lupo they're gonna go up to second place they will be at 660 points out they're gonna win the game this is it – absolutely ridiculous a come-from-behind victory [Applause] my god Oh God I even tell you I have a feeling you're gonna wear yeah he said that was extremely important lag milliseconds huge shouting like crazy in there ah soup you asked how does it feel to a para now you know it's great being here at the for tonight summer block party the the arena is incredible the best part of this is my team everyone's so willing to work together everyone's calling out honestly every other team here should be aspiring to be us because not only are we incredible in game but we're all very gifted and talented dancers and singers too so it's whatever though I have to ask you're here with some of your concert in TV damn I know it's good I like seeing that fish Pam actually lost when they were winning the whole time imagine Sharkey from being so far ahead that must suck Elliot what some good beef though between friends yeah no sir he finally loser fruit pushes on in and is able to stop that miraculous run that little bit warriors managed to put together it might be time for the LA to play it might not be as fun to you as a better area cuz there's just so many people a sporting event you died this is insane they're starting to make the climb here Lupo there are 600 points it's gonna dearly for that one a valiant attempt their loser fruit finally goes down he's getting more points finally it's gonna get stopped again and lose at least had a deja vu they were both down there trying to hold down Point D of my it along a record company that gets on in there they have to get Jordan Fisher in that pyramid know if they're able to do that I actually been accused a cry for just a second realize that the George Fisher is sitting in the control point ladies and gentlemen make some noise you gotta push up on 426 points and climbing now they're gonna have to leave and gone up to six hundred and thirty points and Counting llama record company could be at a reef but the eave repeat winner this is going to sink is anyone gonna try champion is like save your ones who jumps in the pressures on making it he has him in the top middle the tea believe it in play twice loser for courage JD and their family Matt look at the hugs look at the family the family feelings there that's for night man it's time to reveal who is the winner of the fortnight creative showdown the lava record company courage JD loser fruit and Jordan Fisher three hundred and fifty thousand dollars for charity Wow Lester was so cute business kids in his eyes in such a good speech he's family to his father's day tomorrow more father and you are going to be coming to the World Cup at the end of July you tried the best gift you guys could ever give anybody you guys are amazing and I want to give a big shout out to all my family my brother I'll throw my mom your mom my son loser the fruit clutch enough in the last game against the fish team Lester always ready on the team pushes Jordan the best sword player out there this crowd here in the forum so incredible terrific to be a LAN kebab a right then just gonna say shoutout to courage he was like calculated he's like okay we're on this meta points we get a fist okay we have to vote for Nathan to be done we have to prevent them and he was like full-on going nuts so he like carried us and the coaching [Applause] coolest feeling ever oh so probably the only thing I'll ever win the only time of stage winnings that I'll ever get you'd have bloody happy my twitch chat chat it to them because you guys were wild and I saw the little clip of first corner big day sexy we just turn up the jacket on summer here and it's a choice it looks better without a jacket anyway let's go yeah let's go my your any prediction yeah I mean what time I'll film you later my case if you decided who's gonna win yet this day is manic in the same room that we had 32 of us and plus one was your family in that we had now a hundred people as their social anxiety there's apparently a possible point in you I understand you're a bit of a funny guy right I can't hear you you're a bit of a funny guy oh that's very nice of you to say not when you watch me play it will be the saddest for tonight game you've ever seen I'm gonna be loser fruits decoy I will just go into places and then if I can make my character cry that would be great what are you gonna bring into today's games to further you and your partner along watch like everyone's nervous yes so I feel like we can do it we'll just shoot at people and it'll be fun excellent strategy thank you so much all of you crowd you got here first we have all of our players ready up here I went my favourite spot but went to shifty you got shifty by myself every time Elin feed loser food Elsa said she would in case you don't know she's an absolute Slayers kotas player input touch Wow stop it held off squad by herself it was easy sorry cake says learn humility oh no sorry I just remembered what happened in the next game going up definitely this is the first time that someone actually landed at shifty with us yeah thank you the spray come on get out if this look on there I was sorry I was trying so hard to get into that kill because I thought he could get or the personals what do you think of the event yeah France she's French I spotted you even spotted yeah I'll come up I'll come up okay that's the end of the for tonight pro-am over the weekend lots of lovely faces but you here don't care about that you want to hear the gusts and that is the Frenchman said we're all easy and you cookie anyone and you know why that the lesson of all this is then never invite the French to the other thing you learn is that celebrities all have pearly white teeth getting their teeth was bullshit was good the organization was real it was unreal yeah well practically well company yeah that working really hard to put all together the stage was cool the ending we with all the confetti was ten at ten this was a bit of bantam it is not there needs to be more funny games yeah Mukesh shot down to skybilz no we shot victim oh it's been so much time driving those next two you need to bring your celebrity along because it just felt like everyone's leaving their celebrity today and I try I was trying to keep my money and I feel like it could have actually affected the way I actually said yeah I mean I've you've always watch my video and those who came out just to see to see me in the and the rest of the players just say hey and have so much energy really super always always make it super worth it coming out all the way for that thank you for epic for putting this all together and it's really nice to be a part of that to always be thought of and brought along to these events it doesn't honor it's really underway in my spot just been making a few for nine videos thank you guys for watching this video I hope you enjoyed it's a vlog slash reaction of what happened to the event all my vlogs on my food channel so make sure to follow that cuz it's always to half a million and it's just it's got some really funny with me and the rest of click off the next adventure a different house another house anyway and there's the cripple again [Applause]

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  1. I think this means we know who the worst in Click is now…
    Thanks for watching this vlog/reaction to the event video! My vlogs are normally on my other channel (WE ALMOST AT 500k SUBS!)

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