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World of Tanks || Top 10: DAMAGE DEALERS

hey guys it's quickie baby and welcome back to world of tanks and today we're going to be looking at the top 10 tanks that deal the most damage in the game and just to clarify I've excluded all of the reward vehicles so these are all tanks that you can get whether you're in a clan or not and as with my previous videos in the top 10 series the statistics are taken from the awesome VB addict website where you can dig around in the statistics of both yourself and the rest of everybody playing World of Tanks if that's your thing so without further ado let's see which the biggest damage dealers are in 10th place it is the TB pt 50/50 won this tier 10 autoloading Czechoslovakian medium tank just squeaked it into the top 10 this week at 2127 damage per game and it's one of the most damaging tanks in the game because even though it has an auto loader which is capable of doing 1280 damage on average within four and a half seconds off the first shot ie 1.5 seconds intra clip reload has also got really decent DPM at 2603 base it's also pretty accurate at 0.35 combine this with 2.1 seconds aim time nice turret Traverse dispersion values and enough mobility to be able to get there before you need to be there at a top speed limit of 60 kilometers an hour I love playing this thing at tier 10 when I fancy an auto loader that isn't the batch ante on sometimes that magazine is just too long at the batchat and you can get caught reloading or not have that raw firepower to be able to cut through the enemy team quick enough in 9th place it is the FV 400 5 stage to a British tank destroyer is capable of one shotting its opponents yeah goodbye TVP 1,800 to start off this round but of course that is if you want to spend eight thousand credits on your hair sham you nishan and even if you fail to penetrate you still deal decent damage and undoubtably deal a large amount of crits and while critical hits aren't exactly going to be useful for this top ten list that doesn't stop the FV 405 stage 2 dealing 2154 damage per game and if you don't want to spend those 8,000 credits and the vehicle is still pretty darn competitive with only its armor-piercing ammunition with a poultry you know 1150 damage per shot if you go through the tank since this vehicle was recently buffed it seems to be going from zero to hero and that surprises me because back in the day I would have never have thought of talking about this thing in any top 10 list in eighth place it is the amx 50b this autoloading french heavy tank kind of bridges the gap between heavy and medium it's got a full four magazine of 120 millimeters of ammunition capable of doing 1600 damage within seven and a half seconds of the first shot and it is also more accurate with better aim time than vehicles such as the cran van in the t57 heavy it's also very mobile as we can see here limited to 65 kilometers an hour going forwards and since wargaming have buffed up the gun depression of this tank to 10 degrees now it has been doing 2,000 172 damage per game while the amx 50b excels is a mid-to-long range support vehicle due to that great accuracy and decent same time you know when it's pushed and it has to engage in close quarters combat it is no slouch by any means just check out what were able to do to this overconfident bat chanting y'all he misses a couple of shells that's his worst same time his accuracy and as long as we lock down his tracks we take him out in seventh place it is the type 5 heavy this Japanese super-heavy tank has recently become very popular in World of Tanks that's because wargaming buffed the armor massively now it truly is probably the most heavily armored tank in the game along with the mouse it's a joint first place but the key reason why it is in a top-10 damage-dealing list is because it now has a hundred and fifty-two millimeter derp gun that is capable of doing 1,400 damage of course if you were able to penetrate but high explosive rounds you don't have to penetrate and as we can see even against heavily armored targets like these t28 we were able to take off 400 500 hit points with every single time we hit them and are almost just so darn good that is a massive challenge for them to hit and when you combine this with 2,900 hit points and crazy durability the type 5 heavy just seems to be able to take on anything frontally and as long as it doesn't get flanked or outgunned by heavy tank destroyers it's dealing 2194 damage per game in 6th place it is the m48 a5 pattern now this is my personal most played tank in World of Tanks because I think it's just an absolutely awesome all-rounder and recently wargaming gave it tremendous turret armor as well which makes it one of if not the most resilient medium tanks in the game and when you combine this with 420 meters view range ludicrous aim time of 1.9 seconds amazing dispersion values both when moving and also when turning the turret and a full-blooded 105 millimeter fiying 7.19 rounds a minute with 268 millimeters of penetration it's no wonder that the m48 a1 has now been doing 2,228 damage per game and the m48 a5 would now join the object 140 in my opinion as the best starting tier 10 medium tanks to pick up and also it looks like they'll be pretty darn good for an experienced player to be ripping apart the enemy team as well in fifth place it is that wz 113 GF t this tier 10 chinese tank destroyer is a fairly recent addition to World of Tanks and I didn't expect to see it in this list and I think one of the reasons why it might be is because obviously the more experienced players will have been the only ones to purchase this vehicle that's what always happens with the latest tanks in the tech tree nevertheless with this taken into account the 113 G still has some very respectable statistics firstly it is immensely durable at 2100 hit points and it has some incredible armor 230 millimeters on the upper plate this thing is bouncing everything especially when it's using its six degrees of gun depression and combine this with a hundred and fifty-two millimeter main arm with 290 millimeters of standard penetration or 395 millimeters if you choose to fire heat a decent rate of fire in OK mobility in the 113 G has been doing 2230 damage per game in the last few months in fourth place it is this threat found 103 beep Wow here we go Swedish tier 10 tank making it into the top 10 damage dealers and it's no surprise because this is the best sniper in World of Tanks the hundred and five millimeter main armament this vehicle has has the highest base penetration at 308 millimeters incredible shell velocity at 1500 meters per second and when you enter the siege mode in this tank you have point two five accuracy it is the most accurate tank in the game and that makes me foe so comfortable for just sniping those weak points or keeping an opponent tranked even a decent distances where this VK 4502 just simply can't see us and while the alpha damage off this gun might be the lowest of the tier 10 tank destroyers it fires eight point five seven rounds of minute has armor that when angle correctly bounces nearly every gun in the game and oh did I mention that it goes backwards at 45 kilometers an hour it's one of my personal favorites and it's been dealing 2261 damage per game in third place it is the 113 this Chinese heavy tank is pretty much a heavy medium equipped with a hundred and twenty two millimeter main armament that deals 440 damage with every shot and a decent rate of fire it's six rounds a minute this is one of the highest DPM heavy tanks in the game yet it's also very mobile it's limited to 50 kilometers now which allows it to get around the battlefield and mop up its opponents this has led to the 113 dealing 2264 damage Connect game and unlike many mediums the 113 is very durable 2300 hit points 120 millimeters of frontal hull armor and 90 millimeters of side armor which makes it very good at sidescraping and recently the vehicle had a massive buff to its gun depression so it's 7 degrees over the side of the tank which has made it oh so much better for working those rich lines the 113 definitely blurs the lines between a heavy tank and a medium tank and it would be one of my best recommendations for any of you medium tank drivers out there who want to try something just a little bit different or alternatively maybe some of the heavy tank drivers out there to see what it's like to have a little bit more mobility and DPM in second place it is the super Conqueror one of the most recent additions to the game seems to be performing as one of the best tanks now at least with regards to damage-dealing 2326 damage per game to be exact and a lot of this is down to the awesome 120 millimeter main armament that the super conqueror wields it fires 6.9 rounds a minute with 400 alpha damage just to put it into perspective at t110e5 fires 6 rounds a minute this vehicle also has two seconds aim time impressive dispersion values 0.33 accuracy oh and if you feel like it you can fire Hesh rounds with 120 millimeters of penetration and 515 alpha damage which are exceptionally useful for taking out those squishy targets but one of the key features of the super Conqueror is its armor it has a hundred and fifty two point four millimeters of upper hull armor with a 20 millimeter spaced armor shield over it that makes it great for absorbing heat rounds furthermore its turret is equally impressive you're going to need about 350 millimeters of penetration to stand a chance to get through it and so if you can hide the super conquers main weakness which is its lower plate as we can see here with its ten degrees of gun depression you are going to be dominating the battlefield in first place it is the wz-111 5a Wow Chinese heavy tanks the 113 in third place the 5a in first place it looks like fast heavy tanks are the way to go if you want to deal a lot of average damage in the current meta now the 111 5a has been dealing 2554 damage per game on average and it's been doing this for all the same reasons at the 113 as it's fast it's durable it's got a good gun but why is the 5a doing a little bit more to the 113 you might be asking well I would attribute that to the higher l4 damage 490 instead of 414 so you have to hit less of your shots and also the 5a has much better lower plate armor with a hundred and fifty five instead of a hundred and twenty furthermore the 5a also has seven degrees of gun depression over the front of the tank while the 113 was only recently buffed to having seven degrees of gun depression over the side of the and this means while a very experienced player might be able to get a little bit more out of the unique armor that the 113 has the enhanced aim time gun depression over the front of the vehicle lower plate armor and alpha damage seem to make this both one of the most brutal vehicles and also friendly to a newer player and so ladies and gentlemen those were the top ten damage-dealing tanks in World of Tanks in the last few months I hope you enjoyed this video these top 10s do take me a lot longer to do but you always give them such great feedback so it's totally worth it if you loved it give it a thumbs up if you hated it give it a thumbs down and if you're watching this video as its released it's time for another World of Tanks tech tree showcase on forward slash quickie baby and this week thanks to Ravi and the 67 of you who liked his suggestion I'm going to be playing my way up to the tier 10 German medium tank the leopard 1 and if you've never been to one of my tech tree showcases before they're basically like a miniature tanker for you starting from tier 1 all the way up to tier 10 so you can see if it's a line that's worth grinding or if you've already got the vehicles maybe pick up a few tips and tricks along the way and so I'm really looking forward to seeing as many of you as possible right now on for slash quickie baby and as always thank you so much for watching you've been epic and hopefully I'll see you soon you

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  1. SU 100y Fricking 460 damage per shot But only tyer 6 coud it be the hitpoints of the enemies are a reason?

  2. Wow Type 5s average is 2.1k xD
    That shows how many noobs cant do their HP wtf. Is so OP but it cant do its HP

  3. Wheres BC-25t ? 1950 damage per clip that you can destroy any Tier IX just in a clip except Super Heavy.

  4. I use to play W.O.T. a lot but haven't in a long time.
    My last outing I had the distinct pleasure of running a T.U.G II
    just wondering if that was still in the twirl or not.

  5. Waiiiit……grillie 15 where is it? I was going for that tank becouse i thought i was really gud xD with the dmg i reached to the 9 tr tank

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