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Would Warriors Sweep Damage LeBron James’ Legacy? | SC6 | June 5, 2017

Cesar Sullivan

36 thoughts on “Would Warriors Sweep Damage LeBron James’ Legacy? | SC6 | June 5, 2017

  1. I am NOT a fan of LJ but even I know he's already a legend. Nothing can change his career status unless he goes OJ. He is not overrated.

  2. The NBA should allow referee Tim Donaghy to return to the league…That's the only thing that can save the CAVS!!!!!

  3. It shouldn't even touch LeBron.. He's putting up great numbers and GS admitted they have to stop his teammates they can't stop him

  4. I'm a LeBron fan I dont have shit to be mad about the nigga put up his numbers. if he get sweep at least it took 4 stars to do it now if this was the rockets I would be like wtf etc. oh yea no excuses

  5. it's one thing to lose in 6 or 7 which is what most people were thinking… it's an entirely different thing to get swept…

    in the words of Stephen A Smith "A. I. will get you one. " you mean to tell me lebron "King" james can't get 1? The man people are saying is greater than Michael Jordan or debating if he is as if it is debatable? The NBA LOGO is Jerry West and many have said it should be Michael Jordan, and Le'Veon looking more like Jerry West right now rather than the 6-0 His Airness.

  6. finally someone says it, " the bulk of the team was drafted!" yes drafted so all the haters getting mad that golden state is cheaters no they just knew who to draft and kd spotted it to so he wanted to come lol

  7. If Lebron James takes 1 more loss at the finals it would affect his legacy, many hall of famers legacies got tarnished for not being able to win one championship. To say that finals record does not matter is absurd Lebron has made it to the finals 7 straight times which is a feat and a curse. NBA Finals is always the pinnacle for every player, their is no player in the NBA that does not want to play or win the finals. I find it very lame for many people to say ring count does not matter, it is dumb to say that when you see all these all stars merging in one team to get one. To compare Lebron greatness to Michael or Bill is absurd if he cant get 6-0 you think it is a better comparison to 11-0. He has been making to the finals 7 straight times on a weak conference does not spells goat it only spells Weak competition. If Lebron gets swept at this finals and if games 3 or 4 ends with a Cavs lose over 15+ pts I do not want to hear he is the goat when the finals loses he got he lost by blowouts.

  8. JR Smith was Trash last year and continues to be trash in the finals, remember the game were he took only 2 shots? I would start Korver and bring JR off the bench.

  9. lets see
    he is 1-2 against spurs
    0-1 against dallas
    1-0 against thunder/durant
    if he lose this year he will be 1-2 against warriors/1-1 against durant.

  10. That sweep fasho not gone damage
    Bron Bron legacy that man have the most playoff pts in NBA history also he is on is 7 straight appearance and best believe he coming for a retaliation next season

  11. were the warriors aggressive in acquiring KD? i thought it was alot more KD's decision than the warriors pulling him in.

  12. any one in their right mind knows that LeBron suffers from not having enough help concerning the actual team that he is on. LeBron and Irving are the main scorers on the team.

  13. We need more SuPeRTeaMs! They should all pick out the best of the best and just form the elites. Oh, the Pelicans are almost ready. Note to CP3, and George: Go play for them at 500k per year. Put some more elite players in the bench and then go for it! Okay, it's time for me to learn to watch hockey. NBA has become the National Bandwagon Association full of players with no competitive spirit.

  14. If he gets swept Lebron should never be mentioned in the same sentence as Jordan, Wilt, Kareem, Magic or Bird ever again. He'll be fighting for Kobe's spot as top 10 player all time. He'll never be able to erase the stain of a sweep in a finals.

  15. LeBron James will not make it to another NBA FINALS AFTER THIS SEASON LET ALONE WIN ANOTHER RING, he is stuck with the rings he has!

  16. the Cavs also didn't add a player that can rebound, assist, shot threes, dunk, and hit shots that most can't. And don't say, Channing Frye.

  17. people says gsw add kd and gsw have two mvp in one team but no one says that gsw add a player that blew a 3-1 lead

  18. JR Smith fell when he lost the ball trying to knee tackle KD……he did it to Bogut last year……JR such a dirty player.

  19. He's not on Jordan level, but winning 3 championships is something most NBAers probably would only be able to dream about. This year, he's facing a Warriors team that seems hell-bent on not repeating the mistake of last year + KD. GSW this year just has too much firepower for even Lebron or Kyrie to overcome.

    That said, no he hasn't damaged his career and will still be playing next season and multiple after.

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