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Wound Care | Wound Healing | How To Heal Wounds Faster

In this week’s video I’m going to tell you five easy tips that should help your wound recover faster after surgery now generally speaking wounds recover much better in a moist closed environment now
this is usually maintained by having regular dressing changes wound cleaning
and special dressings but before we go too much into this this is something
that your doctor or nurse will advise you on as part of your post-surgery
aftercare now what I am going to give you is nutritional and lifestyle advice
which is often overlooked by many patients and it can actually delay
inhibit and even complicate wound healing so without further ado let’s
begin tip 1 hydration now I know it may sound
simple but remember this dehydrated skin is less elasticated more fragile and
more susceptible to breakdown dehydration also reduces the efficiency
of our blood circulation so less oxygen and nutrients are able to get to the
wound which desperately needs them so to avoid dehydration it’s pretty simple aim
for six to eight glasses of water a day unless you recommended otherwise by your
healthcare professional tip number two protein now if you’re not getting enough
protein it can actually impair the remodeling and rebuilding stage of the
wound healing process it can also impair collagen production which will mean that
the wound will be weaker and can also increase the risk of an infection now
protein rich foods include meats poultry tofu beans and many more but don’t worry
I’m gonna keep running through all the tips and tell you everything you need to
know but at the end of the video I’m gonna leave a really really useful link
in the description below which explains how much to eat what to eat and various
different other information for the healthy diet tip three energy now your main
source of energy is from carbohydrates and fats but collagen production takes a
lot of energy now depending on the complexity and the size of your wound
you may actually need to increase your calorie intake but your doctor will
inform you of this and if it’s needed they’ll involve a dietitian in your care
now the reason you need the carbohydrates and energy available is that if
you don’t your body’s going to use those precious proteins we mentioned earlier for energy
and we don’t want that you also need the fats available so your body can make
cell membranes fats are also useful again because they’re going to prevent
your body from using protein for energy tip number four vitamins and minerals
now eating a balanced and varied diet should get you all of these now for
chronic wound healing sometimes supplementation is required
which a dietitian will initiate now the main vitamins for wound healing are
vitamin A vitamin B and the most important one vitamin C, vitamin C is
actually needed for collagen production cross-linking and even the formation of
new blood vessels at the site of the wound and vitamin C can be found in a
variety of different foods just oranges broccoli strawberries Kiwis actually
what I’ll do is I’ll leave a list in the description below of the foods that these
vitamins are found in I think that will be more useful now in terms of minerals
zinc copper and iron and the main ones that are involved in wound healing now
you should be able to get all these in a varied and balanced diet quite easily
now if you’re wondering which foods are found in I’m gonna leave a full list in the
description below for you now in terms of what they do
zinc plays a key role in protein and collagen production in tissue growth and
wound healing and iron is part of the system that provides oxygen to the site
of the wound tip number five smoking if you do smoke please try to quit or stop
entirely it’s probably best if you try and quit before the surgery smoking
actually delays the wound healing it actually reduces the amount of oxygen that gets
to the wound it increases your blood sugar and even has been shown to
increase the pain at the site of the wound and nobody wants that now please
remember if you are ever worried about a wound or you just want to get checked
out to make sure it’s okay it’s always best to check with the nurse
doctor or pharmacist so they can advise appropriately I’ll leave more
information in the description below which should be quite helpful and that’s
the end of this week’s video now I know it can be quite difficult to follow
these tips especially when you’re not feeling your best
but please try your best and you should hopefully be on your road to recovery
see you next week but your doctor will inform you of this and they will usually…
I forgot the word (LAUGH) I really don’t know why I’m doing this but I thought it would look a
bit different (LAUGH) tip three collagen no… hey guys thanks for watching this week’s
video make sure to click that like follow or subscribe button now to stay
up to date with new weekly videos

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23 thoughts on “Wound Care | Wound Healing | How To Heal Wounds Faster

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