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WW2 In Depth: STG44 Assault Rifle Review (Call of Duty: WWII)

[Applause] hey guys drifter here welcome back to world war two in depth in today's episode we're gonna be reviewing the stg44 assault rifle better known as the storm Gewehr man I hope I'm saying that right the storm evader assault rifle I can never pronounce these German words right historically speaking this is the first weapon that most people would classify as a modern assault rifle and it's one of a handful of fully automatic assault rifles in World War two I'm gonna have a lot of negative things to say about it up front but it is quite a good gun the positivity is gonna come later on when we hit a more subjective section of in-depth first of all the damage is kind of on the low side dealing only thirty damage per shot up close and decreasing down to twenty-two at a distance meaning that it will take between four and five shots to kill somebody with the stg44 assault rifle headshot damage is minimal at one point one X and it's also because of the way the numbers work out no difference in shots to kill at any range meaning there's no reason to be shooting anybody in the head unless you happen to be going for challenges or you're running high caliber and either a close nor long range will you get less shots to kill so always aim for the body the four shot kill range on the weapon is an impressive 50 meters and the advanced rifling for shot kill range is an equally impressive 100 meters both of these are ranges longer than which you'll normally be engaging people it's the same as the m1941 and I do want to point out I had a mistake in the m1941 episode I said it was significantly less than this that is not the case but it's identical to the m1941 unfortunately it doesn't fire as fast as that gun the rate of fire for the stg44 is 667 rounds per minute neighbor of the beast and if you put rapid fire on it it'll increase up to approximately 715 rounds per minute depending on how your frame rounding goes unfortunately that's kind of average in class well there's a lot of semi automatics in the game so technically that's a little bit faster than average but compared to other Call of Duty games it would be a little bit slower and because of what we're gonna have to talk about next its kind of average ish time to kill for the stg44 is bottom tier at all to every range almost every assault rifle will kill faster up close the vast majority of them will kill faster at a distance the SMG is out class that the shotguns do a surprising number of the light machine guns when it comes to raw time to kill the STG is not a very competitive weapon at all and most other weapons out classes however a theoretical long range time to kill is decent I mean it's got a good four shot range and it's very accurate so the stg44 is accurate enough to make that like theoretical perfect no missing long range time to kill quite good but it's still not like insanely good or great the iron sights in my opinion are too obstructive and hinder the amazing accuracy of this weapon that's one of the things we're going to talk about later on is how accurate the stg44 is and because of that I don't really like the iron sights I'm always aiming at people really far away and I feel that the iron sights are a little bit too big and a little bit too obstructive to do that yeah you can see people they're more or less fine up close and they'll do the trick for medium range but if you really want a min/max this weapon and get the optimal benefit out of it I feel that optics of some kind are great however I would strongly discourage the ACOG sight I thought to myself this is a really low recoil gun it's got great range and great accuracy you know I'll probably just put an ACOG on there and just laser beam people the shake on the ACOG sight and the way it handled subjectively made me uncomfortable with it it made me feel like I was aiming worse and I didn't particularly like it I would strongly recommend the reflex sight if you have to pick a site another important thing to mention before we get to the good parts of the gun is that the hipfire spread on the STG is wider than most of the other assault rifles and sledgehammers most recent nerf they decided to nerf this one to make it wider I think that's to make sure the STS mgs were a little bit more competitive but it's also bugged for example here's a clip that I zoomed in on and you'll notice that when I crouched the crosshairs kind of spaz out a little bit and they're wider when I'm crouched than they are when I'm standing up I think the nerf only applied to the crouched stance and not the standing one or prone one which is a little bit strange I think that nerf is bugged it'll probably change in the future but do keep in mind it's better hip firing standing up which is kind of strange all that's out of the way I've dog down the gun I've made it seem like terrible you're gonna say drifter why in the world would you use this and why in the world do I see so many people using it well recoil is extremely low and it's stream' ly predictable this gun is basically a laser I can't stress that enough it has virtually zero total recoil or kick it kicks up just a little bit less than any other weapon in the class except for maybe the m1a1 and that's a semi-automatic gun and when it does kick it's almost just a little bit vertical there's almost no side-to-side wobble there's no drift in one direction or the other there's not a whole lot of compensating you have to do it is extraordinarily easy to just map people with this gun to control your recoil and because of that it feels great the rate of fire isn't super fast so you don't get any sort of weird stacking shots I don't think there's any first shot kick multiplier there's nothing about the stg44 that feels bad at all everything about the weapon from the rate of fire to the recoil to the handling it's all just gonna feel great and you're gonna feel super comfortable using it and you can just adapt to this weapon incredibly incredibly quickly and I think that's why so many people gravitate toward it along with the long range 4 shot kill it's gonna give you a very consistent feeling it's gonna feel like my aim is on point I'm killing people in four shots at any range I understand this weapon and because of that a lot of people gravitate toward it even though it may not be like mathematically theoretically technically speaking the most amazing thing as long as you can use it well that's what's important another good thing about the scg is its recenter speed is very quick – I'm gonna start calling this variable recenter speed because it makes more sense that way in the game files it's listed as Center speed and that's what I've been traditionally doing but it's essentially how quickly your gun will come back to your original aim point after you've fired or after you flinched or something like that so if you flinch if you fire a lot if you don't control the recoil if whatever happens you just get way off target the STG will recenter back to resting position very quickly and that makes it feel very good at least to me the stg44 does however idle sway but it isn't too bad for the assault rifles I would say it's a little bit less than average however the FG 42 and bar really skew the results there because they sway a lot the stg44 does have idle sway and does have the weird stair-step mechanic it can definitely throw you off at long ranges but it's not one that I noticed a whole lot I would say it's slightly less than average for the assault rifle class and probably won't trip up many of you another great thing about this weapon is it has 30 rounds and the magazine thank you thank you thank you based Condry I know that's historical as well so many of the assault rifles have tiny tiny magazines for historical reasons or valance reasons this one's got a solid dependable normal Call of Duty 30 rounds in the magazine and if you put extended mags on it it's got 45 that's the best in the entire class I can't offhand think of another assault rifle that has 30 rounds in the magazine base or goes anywhere close to 45 so being able to kill multiple people with the gun potentially up to 11 if you don't miss very much is it godson compared to having to reload all the time because of that hustle isn't really necessary on the gun and I do think that it has possibly the strongest case for extended mags if you're trying to just really max out the guns hosing potential reload time is kind of average at 1.3 seconds the reload animation is slightly longer at one point eight but the cancel time the raw like mechanical reload time is 1.3 seconds about average for the class nothing to really worry about I didn't run hustle very much I didn't have very many ammunition difficulties even without the extended mags so I don't think that either of them are necessary but I do spray a lot and I do just I am my god it makes me feel good to have such a huge magazine in a game with such tiny ones so extended mags are fun and I use it all the time to just help me spray and pray and be a big noob with SD with the STG I do like to give recommendations for divisions because I think that some guns benefit strongly from one division or another however I think the STG works well with any division it certainly doesn't have to have the bayonet that's nice I like the bayonet and whatnot but you can use it on mountain expeditionary you can use it with airborne the gun is very general-purpose very easy to use very rough-and-tumble there's very few situations where it's actually like a bad gun so there's no division you shouldn't be using it on it'll work fine everywhere and my final opinion on the STG is that it's essentially like the ACR from Modern Warfare 2 or the HBK 30 from black ops 3 but imported into World War 2 the gun has low damage low rate of fire the time to kill is slower than what would be ideal but it's super accurate it's super easy to use it's super comfortable it's got a very generous magazine it's very generous with its recenter speed its generous in a lot of ways and it offers you a lot of creature comforts that you can really make use out of like yeah the bar will definitely kill you faster the m1 garand can theoretically do really crazy things with its two-shot range but those weapons are inherently more difficult to use than the STG you can just take the SDG and hose people and you don't really have to think about it when I'm running this weapon on pubs I'm gonna look for a hustle and lookout I don't use hustle too much but it's one of those crutch perks I get addicted to I just love the super fast reloading I'll probably REM be running look out more because I want to be able to see people at long ranges and it helps me see through smoke and war mode and stuff like that I like quick-draw on the weapon because I like being able to snap aim I'm just kind of a sucker for it I don't really need for grip or anything else extended mags is quite fun and just gives me tons of bullets to spray with and unlike running the reflex sight I know quick-draw is not a very popular attachment anymore so if I weren't gonna be running quick-draw I'd probably have steady aim for better hipfire since that was nerfed or I might even put rapid fire on it just to decrease that time to kill a little bit it's not a huge benefit but for this gun I think it might make a little bit of sense and when it comes to the recommended setup for competitive I probably wouldn't use it in competitive just because in competitive you're looking for things like raw time to kill potential super precision like the bar or something like that or getting fixed with a sniper rifle you don't want to be having a gun that you can't compete with on raw time to kill so I really wouldn't run it maybe if I did use it I would do steady aim and extended mags and I would use it sort of an SMG AR hybrid to hold a position maybe but I wouldn't recommend it in general guys that's all for this episode I hope that you enjoyed it I hope that you learned something useful if you did don't forget to lie favorite and subscribe drifter out if you want all the weapons stats for World War two in your pocket to go then look no further than the ultimate utility app by brass monkey it's available on iOS and Android there are links in the description or you can just search for it in the App Store

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21 thoughts on “WW2 In Depth: STG44 Assault Rifle Review (Call of Duty: WWII)

  1. You said it pretty well for a first timer. The only flub is the w is more of a mix between a W and a V and you mixed the U with an O. So in pronunciation it would be Sturm-Gevehr.

  2. "4-5 shots to kill with the assault rifle 44 assault rifle" hahahaha it didn't click that the man was repeating himself the first time I watched this haha. Also it is the only AR in the game the rest are either automatic rifles, semi or full auto-carbines or self-loading/battle rifles. Federov Avtomat and the AS-44 don't really count.

  3. But in real life you dont need 4 or 5 shots to kill a person one shot is enough and sturmgehewr was pretty good

  4. Those are the realistic STG44 sights. They may not be ideal, but do you want a realistic weapon or not? I would prefer realism.

  5. The recoil on the ACOG doesn't look so bad to me, based on the video. I guess certain details just bug some people.

  6. Bro,i play cod wwii and i use the stg 44,when i use it i get like 15 kills a game!!!!! # lovvvvvvvvvvvvvee stg 44!!!

  7. In German, "st" is pronounced as "sht". And they don't roll their "r's". It's more of a guttural "r" like the French use. Sturmgewehr would be pronounced as "Shtohrm-Guh-vare". They barely pronounce the "r", it almost sounds like "guh-veha". Forty-four would be vierundvierzig. Native German words beginning with "v" are pronounced as an "f", the "z" is pronounced as a "ts", and a "g" at the end of a word is either pronounced as a "k" as in Reichstag or "sch" as is the case with numbers. Vierundvierzig would be pronounced "fear-oond-feart-seesh".

    It's a hard language to speak if you are a native English speaker, we speak using the tip of our tongue. Germans speak with a flat tongue and their uvula. But it was a good attempt. Most people pronounce it as "Storm-gee-oo-er" lol This is my favorite gun, it was my favorite in World at War too.

  8. I don't play this game. Stopped with CoD after BO2. But i have to say this is one of the worst 3D models of the STG44 i ever saw.

  9. Reflex sight, grip, rapid fire, extended mags. Or reflex sight, grip, high cal, rapid fire. When you add rapid fire to the stg you just melt people.

  10. You said like hvk because of low fire rate and damage but hvk has best fire rate in class and low damage

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