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Domestic Violence and Abuse


at least one YouTube employee has found new and creative ways to diiie platform D monetize and D person people if you guys enjoy these videos subscribe to the channel hit the bell notification icon give him a thumbs up and share him with everybody you know last week YouTube employee Christopher cougar harassed and bullied a black man outside of his apartment complex clearly against YouTube's Terms of Service and over the 4th of July weekend a delusional YouTube software engineer attacked four friends including one he stabbed with a pencil and rammed a stolen truck into pedestrians in an LSD fueled rampage that left eight people injured in California suspect 32 year old Bataille coffee or is it beta coffee of San Fran shithole by the way if you haven't gotten your shirt from the store you should was listed in critical condition at a hospital after he was shot at least three times by a sheriff's deputy in Bodega Bay during his frenzied fourth of July acid trip according to sergeant Spencer crumb Coffey whose LinkedIn page identifies him as a YouTube employee since November rented a home for the holiday with five longtime friends in Bodega Bay in Sonoma County and took two doses of LSD at around noon on the 4th of July coffee became delusional after ingesting the hallucinogenic prompting his friends to try to keep him calm but then he took two more doses hours later setting off a violent confrontation late on Thursday when his friends tried to stop him from leaving the rental home police said coffee escaped the residence after attacking his friends inside stabbing one man with a pencil punching a woman in the chest and choking another guy he then allegedly hopped into his rented blue Hyundai but crashed into the garage of the home as he drove toward another friend who is trying to stop him from leaving coffee got out of the sedan and ran to a nearby home where he was confronted by neighborhood security guard whom he stabbed with the metal stake of a landscape light what did they teach in these YouTube employees coffee then allegedly stole the guy's pickup truck which was unlocked and running at the time as coffee fled he drove straight toward an unrelated man and woman walking on the road as he drove toward them he violently hit the woman with the truck causing significant injuries the man whose hit in the arm was not seriously wounded but coffees alleged bad acid trip continued when he drove after another man and woman walking on a nearby bluff striking the woman and leaving her seriously hurt the wild acid soaked hysteria only ended when the tech worker was shot through the windshield of the stolen pickup truck as he rammed it into a California Highway Patrol vehicle here's what Crum told KTVU mr. coffee took four doses of acid and he had a really bad trip with this this guy kept going I mean who knows what he could have done other people he was just you know blatantly just going after people driving after them several nearby home security cameras caught coffee trying to intentionally run over the four people he's now facing charges of attempted murder assault with a deadly weapon and carjacking Crum said the people who were walking arm-in-arm didn't see it coming arm and arm walking along the street and they were not expecting this and it's really sad and we're when you watch the video you can't help it be a little bit emotional about what what happened there yesterday a message seeking comment from Google who owns YouTube was not immediately returned according to sergeant Crum the Sheriff's Department intends to release the footage of the attack from the deputy's body cam in the future so why is it a good idea not to take drugs well you could learn the lesson of bataille coffee we took a couple hits an acid with a clean record and woke up in the hospital a felon do you guys enjoy these videos be sure to subscribe to the channel hit the bell notification icon give it a thumbs up and share it with there no also check out over 100 hard-hitting designs in the shirt store and if you want to support more content hit me up on patreon or PayPal all those links will be in the description and in pin comment I'll see you guys in the next heavily censored shadow band video

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  1. This is your neighborhood. This is your neighborhood when a YouTube Employee does drugs. Any questions?

    Here's the link to the SanFranShitHole Shirt: (Your purchase helps support the channel) Thank you!

  2. Stick to weed! As you see, the only person that could protect themselves was the (cop) man with the gun. I understand though the state thinks it subjects, I mean citizens don't need weapons they just need to wait for the police. Tell me how that's working out for the law-abiding citizens in that and other similar states.

  3. I'm 64 years old and I have never seen an LSD fueled Rampage anywhere near that. I've seen plenty of bad trips that even sent people to asylums like State hospitals. But, as I said never seen a violent LSD fueled Rampage. How close to Frisco is that because maybe it's shit that I smell.

  4. Millions have used that drug over 60 years … I really don't think it was the drug, it was him acting without inhibition, the real him. Delusional God Complex Control Freak Syndrome. Or just another MK Ultra asset with a "major malfunction".

  5. …………and the plot thickens and a question arises……..was it a hit job of sorts starting w/his character ,as he may knew or saw or heard something he was not suppose to or knew inside information of the detrimental kind maybe and the senereos are endless but there's always that possibility that he may have just proved again how stupid people are and happen to work for who he does or should I say ,most likely did work for……… but who knows whats what in a world as crazy and unpredictable and outta control, down right, dangerous as it's become, in a short time lapse ……..interesting how the world stage is turning out to a tee ?
    Well when one works along -side evil and or it's influence/s one should always expect what the result will be just by common sense alone but many are rid of such burdens these days so on w/the choices and let the cards fall where they will I guess ,for them , at least .

  6. So, someone who has a gun in a video is a threat to video watchers, but a drug-fueled You Tube employee on a rampage is okay.
    Makes perfect sense, right?

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